We have an elderly neighbour, Agnes. Agnes remembers the people who built our house, she does. Agnes is somewhere in the neighbourhood of eighty, and smaller than I am. Agnes also does far too much.

Friday night, she called wondering if she could borrow our picnic table, for she was having a yard sale the next morning. I told her we’d bring it right over, and she immediately wanted to know if she could come over and help us carry it.

Later, she asked if one of the kids could also come over and help her set up. By the time I woke up fully, I wandered over to Agnes’ and discovered Addison already there and helping. Shortly after that, we decided to pack it in, as there were more drive-by-lookers than shoppers.

Addison and I helped by moving her own picnic table back, all the while insisting we didn’t need her help. After I told her there was no way I’d let her lug the picnic table, she mentioned something about her sore arthritic hand, so maybe she’d have trouble with it anyway. I heaved a big sigh and gave her my best Mom look.

When we were leaving, she also argued with Addison over paying him for helping. I think she wound up four bucks in the hole.

Do you have a neighbourhood Agnes? Someone who insists on doing things on their own, even though they shouldn’t but they don’t want to bother anyone? She’s a sweetheart, though. She’ll take my extra zuchinni.


The wardrobe made it up and around the stairs.

I have to give complete credit to Meaghan, for helping to figure out exactly how to wiggle and wind it around the corner and posts. Taking off the doors was the only way it was going to happen, plus we figured out (finally) that wrapping towels around the railings does wonders to protect them from (another) gouging.

There were a couple of tense moments, though. No Bad Words were uttered. 😀

I’m sure there’s a lesson in here somewhere

For a few months, my mother and I have been discussing the possibility of me taking one of her dressers. Actually, it is more like a wardrobe, with a lot of nifty drawers down one side. Meaghan could use it quite nicely, as it can store a lot of stuff.

Since the wardrobe had to go down all Mom’s stairs, in our van, across town, and up my stairs, it took a while for schedules to collide. Especially when the van battery quit working again and was declared a dud. Today was deemed a good day. In looking around the girl’s clean-as-never-before room, which is where it was going, Ron decided the carpet on the floor (now that he could se it) was Nasty.

Well, yeah it was. Very Nasty. We decided we’d just cut it down the middle of the room, since the other half was empty, and roll it up and out the door. So we did, thinking of the carpet knife about half-way through cutting it with old scissors that we had to hunt around the house for. We rolled up that half of the carpet to discover the underpad, where it wasn’t stuck to the old floor tiles, had disintegrated into dust. Being slightly asthmatic gets me out of some pretty icky jobs around here.

So Meaghan and Ron cleaned that up, then decided to roll up the rest of the carpet, which neccessitated rearranging the room and more floor cleaning. I called my mom to tell her we’d be a while longer before we got down there.

The room is now clean, rearranged to perfection, and a large empty space along one wall was waiting.

Finally we were ready, and I figured out how and when in all this I’d be getting groceries. Ron and Carl left me and Mom and Emma at her house while they delivered the wardrobe back at my place, picked up two more children (one to go grocery shopping with us, one to go galivanting around town), and Meaghan’s older smaller dresser.

The men returned with the news. They couldn’t get the wardrobe up the stairs.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when we take out all the drawers of the wardrobe and remove the door in a valiant effort to get it up our winding, narrow but lovely Victorian staircase. They’ll have to avoid scratching the original wood walls and miss the unopenable stained glass window. The adventures are neverending here, folks.

I must say..

I am extremely lovin’ the dining room table answers. it makes me want to come over. 🙂 Also? Forgot to mention the confetti on the table was because someone got bored with the flyers and saw the hole punch.

I am also not ashamed to say that about half the stuff is still there. With new stuff.

What’s on your dining room table?

Emma is in the next room sining a dinosaur song at the top of her lungs. It alternates between the tune of “hapy birthday” and the Dora theme song. Meaghan was swinging on the swing set so hard, it was rocking back and forth.

But the dining room table is mystifying in its inability to stay clean. Currently, located on top of it is the following:

– a taken-apart computer
– a laptop, in use
– four textbooks (the middle ages, general science, HTML, and C programming)
– flyers
– a Mensa puzzle kit
– a mini screwdriver set
– a box of Patternables
– a stack of music CDs
– two paper-plate maracas
– homemade cards from Emma
– a hole punch and confetti
– my day planner & notebooks
– pens and pencils
– a cup

And yes, this is after we ate lunch and just pushed things to the middle. (Okay, the computer showed up after lunch.)

How about yours? Or, if you do not have a dining room table, what flat surface collects the most stuff in your house? What’s on it right now?

Feel free to blog it.


We finally sat down and “planned some schoolwork” with the girls. I must say it was at their insistance, as they wanted & needed some direction as well as some things to do. One of them churned out a pretty big list of things she is interested in and wants to learn. Hope it keeps her busy until Christmas. Also, a large chunk was digital and yes, very soon you’ll be able to see some of it.

Weather has turned chilly and Ron is inside working. The bedroom is a disaster as he takes down more of the old ceiling to reveal the tongue & groove underneath.

And can I just say there’s nothing that make me chuckle more than the sight of Addison on the floor of Emma’s room playing barbies with her? Okay, they were attack commando barbies, but still…