note for myself

That was the second phone call this month looking for homeschooling information. Loads of questions to answer, worries to soothe. I love it.

And then the power went out

Speaking of the nasty weather (we were in the comments below), the wind whipped through here yesterday and it poured buckets all night. Around suppertime, right when I was putting the potatoes on, the power flicked. And flicked. Then went out.

A couple of screams came from the direction of the dining room, where Sarah and Meaghan had been using the computers.

When we realized the power was staying off, Ron got the regular phone and called up to power company who hadn’t heard yet. He also went to the neighbour’s house to see if they were out too. They were. I sent the girls off to look for candles upstairs while I dug out the small ones I thought we had. It turns out that for people who never light candles “just because”, we have a heck of a lot of candles.

Emma dug out a game to play, some of us dug out books or a pear to nibble on, and I sort of dozed. In a half-hour or so, it all came back on. We started turning on lights, but Emma asked for the living room light to go back off – it was barely dusk – and to leave the candles on.

At bedtime, it flicked again – right when Ron was in the middle of an achingly slow download. I made sure I had a candle next to my bed, but there were no surprises.

Was that Rita remants? If so – holy cow!

Boo! Boo who?

My Aunt Boo came to visit on Tuesday night, with her husband Leroy and Grandma Betty. I am not entirely sure where Grandma Betty fits in the family, but everyone calls her that, so there you have it. I told you I had a large extended family.

I showed them all around our house and they ooh and ahhed. Grandma Betty really took to the older children and thought they were wonderful. There were polite, mannerly and conversed well. I guess this is a big deal these days. 😉 I’m not sure she got it when I said they were “free range children”.

Boo reads this here blog, so she was excited to see in “real life” the things she has read about or seen pictures of. She even brough presents! Emma got a large stack of doodle pads, markers, stickers, playdough, activity books – enough to make her exclaim, “Oh THANK YOU!” and keep her occupied for days, if not weeks.

So Boo and I walked around the house and even went upstairs. Sounds pretty uneventful if you didn’t know Boo was in a wheelchair for ten years. We had to sneak upstairs without Grandma Betty seeing us (not hard since she forgot her glasses) so she wouldn’t yell at Boo for straining herself.

Thank God for modern medicine.

Homeschoolers for Open Office

Chris, Daryl and I have been discussing Open Office. It would be neat to start an informal group called ‘Homeschoolers for Open Office’. Its an office software suite for Windows and linux thats FREE. (No, there are no * with that free)

It is an open source suite and Open Source has a lot in common with homeschooling.

Open Office is downloadable at

I took the day off

Yesterday, I got up early (I ifnally felt resonably well), bundled all the girls in my mom’s car and went to Moncton to meet a very nice family who are considering moving here from the States. We had a great visit and I’m sure we could have talked all day, but we both had to get a move on after two and a half hours.

We drove across town to the big mall, and as we came by the huge hotel there with the big red roof (I can’t remember the name), I pointed it out to Emma and asked her to look at it carefully and remember it. We wandered around the mall a bit, getting some lunch and making good on my promise to take Emma to “Toys R Expensive” – where she picked out books. A quick zip into a craft store to find what I needed for a project soon to appear at our homeschool site, and we were off towards home again. Emma had a good nap on the way and woke up when we drove through a lot of construction.

And then I mostly crashed. Got lots to tell, as soon as I figure out the funnier ways to tell it, and tons to do (groceries. whee.) so here’s my too-frequent promise of more & better later.

Paper buildings

I got this link from a mailing list I’m on. 3D papercraft buildings.

Hey, Todd, the have a Mongolian ger! (for other readers: Todd used to live in a yurt, which is similar.) Naturally, I am printing out the sphinx for Emma.

Ooo! They have even more sections, not just buldings! Like printable 3D dinosaurs!

Man, I could be there all day. I predict Heidi will love this spot.