My day just got infinitely better

Not that I was having a bad day, it was a pretty fine day as it goes. I got some sleep, got some housework done and kept up, didn’t get stressed over lunch, spent time with Emma, had lunch on time, didn’t spend all morning on the internet, got to listen to music AND go for a walk to get the mail.

Lots of mail.

Oh look, a big white envelope. A big white envelope with a magazine inside, specifically the Nov/Dec issue of Home Education Magazine. Hmm.. let’s browse the contents…

AH! Let’s fall over! There, right on page twenty-five is the article I submitted! Yes, I knew they accepted it and were going to print it, but – MAN – nothing prepares you for seeing your name in print like that. Sure, I’ve done articles for websites, lots of free writing, but this? This is So Big Time. Knock me over with a feather.

I went further into the post office after getting the mail from our box, as I had a parcel to pick up. As the clerk found it, I hastily opened up the magazine (again) so I could show her MY NAME IN PRINT!

AH! She was excited too!

I skipped all the way home. I showed the kids (“Calm down, Mom.”), I called my mom (who promptly had to go and tell all her co-workers) and I emailed Ron (he’s in a class, I think.).

Me! A Real Writer! I may need to go lie down and hug the magazine.

Oh, and the ladies who so graciously allowed me to interview them for the article? Dawn, Christina and Spunky, prepare yourselves for a bit o’ traffic.. :mrgreen:

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  1. Congratulations Andrea, It is very overwhelming to be in print but you deserve all the attention you’ll get. You’re a great blogger and a wonderful “friend”. I appreciate you so very much and its nice to know so many others are going to find out about you now.

  2. Congrats! An article of mine got accepted in a magazine recently and I was doing a little snoopy dance. What’s cool is my friend will be published in the same issue. I so get seeing your name in print because it IS a thrill.

  3. Daryl’s blog alerted me to your post here – so I just had to zip on over and tell you that I was delighted to see your article in our article editor’s selections for this issue, Andrea! It’s such a wonderfully reassuring and encouraging article that I’ve requested it be included with the sampling of articles which are uploaded to our website, so everyone can read it there free, shortly after Nov. 1st!

  4. Yippee! Congrats! Hey, wait, you cut me from the interview? Was I ….snifff….okay, I’m just pretending to be wounded. You can make it up to me by dedicating your first book to me!

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