blog-aversary 2003

Well, we’re getting closer to end. Boy, there’s tons to wade through and I *am* funny. I started to write a lot more about homeschooling in general, and not just day-to-day things. Hmm, my writing got better, too. Not the typos though.

In February, I wrote a bit about a love affair. My mom told me (and a room full of people) that I’ve had ADD all my life. It’s buried near the end of that long entry. This was also the start of the endless wrong number phone messages.

As an update to that, eventually the wrong numbers petered out to once in a while – just long enough to forget. Last year, in a tragic accident, the pub owner died. We had a smattering of wrong numbers after that, but none since.

I did a lot of sewing that year, including swimsuits. Not that I’m linking to each entry, but I went to the gyno somehting like every other month for wonky test results that meant I was still normal. Meaghan had dental surgery, and you’ll be happy to note that the teeth underneath that had to grow in finally did. My computer died, but I got a funny entry out of it when I got back online. Ron bought a motercycle. Emma grows up. And she still is.

I went to a ton of yard sales. Ron started blogging too. His Dyslexic Diaries entries are stuffed in my archives. I started walking and joined Weight Watchers. Was it really that long ago? That worked out well, but I fell off the exercise wagon.

One of the good things that came out of blogging was being able to jot down random conversations like this. And to preserve when I finally saw the light about Christmas tree lights, plus how cute Emma was.

It was a good year.

Sometimes technology drives me batty

Ron spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening fixing the internet and the wireless network. Today, we spent a couple hours working over the small portable DVD player.

Which doesn’t work well after being doused with a cup of juice.

Journal-blog-aversary 2002

It’s official. This was the year I was a full-fledged blogger, baby. The paradigms shifted all over the place, and I wrote over 500 posts.

We had our first New Year’s Day Open House, Mom and I switched couches (actually, the men did the work) and there was an incident with the birds in the yard.

The kids had all kinds of lessons and activities, Emma grew, walked around and still didn’t sleep. Ron left a post in my journal. It was a rebuttal from my own letters. Someone ran into our hedge. We also had our first year of feeding Ron’s starving students. I was disgustingly chipper, Emma was adorable and the posts are somewhat still messed up.

By then end of the year, I had my own domain, courtesy of the Husband, and I was using MovableType. It was a rather benign year, which is nice to have.

We left our teenage son in charge of the house for the weekend

Doesn’t the title of this post make you nervous? Also, the last post was a little depressing so I wanted to give you the ol’ one-two and make you laugh as well as cry.

When we went away last week, Addison had to stay because he had to work. Plus he’s a big boy and he’ll be on his own come September anyway, so it was like a dry run. A TEST. I came in the door Tuesday afternoon and the first thing I noticed was that the house was absolutely sparkling.

I mean, *I* can’t get it that clean. Then again, there was no one here to mess it up… I was starting to wonder if he had some huge party (which would be grossly out of character) and a group of professionals came in or at least a large crowd of helpful friends.

Nope. He got bored.

He started on Sunday after we left and cleaned the entire house. Even bathrooms. Monday night he stayed up late – to watch election results. He cleaned up after himself and ate responsibly. You know, real food, not just a peanut butter sandwich or fried eggs.

He did go out with his friend Eric, though. They went to a wedding fashion show to see a friend model some dresses. They lasted a whole hour. This is especialy funny when you realize that Eric dresses punk (leather, spikes, chains) and they sat in a crowd of mostly women, inclduing grey-haired ladies. One of whom asked them if they were getting married.

After that, my crazy son and his crazy friend went sliding.

journalversay – 2001

You know, when I first realized I had an important milestone coming up, then thought up the idea of taking you through each year each day, a part of the back of my brain hollered out, “WAIT! What about 2001?”

I kinda wanted to just skip it.

It was an incredibly difficult year.

The archives are a mess. I started a blog at Blogger in September, and when I imported the entries here, there are no titles and a bunch of extra tags that mess up the page. There are a whole pile of journal entries missing. I keep thinking about all the copying and pasting of the entries into here and more than just a lot of work, it would be hard. You know, emotionally hard. Because I have to read about it all over again. I thought I might go through them backwards, reading about Our Heroine without that sense of impending doom on the horizon.

Ron (see honey? I mentioned you) was able to spend most of the year working from home, so Emma had two parents to cling to. By the end of the year, he was hired by the college.

We bought this house and got our first mortage.
We left the house we built.
Relationships with certain family members deteriorated.

Planes crashed into buildings in the United States and the sky fell.

My grandmother died and my heart broke.

WordPress 2.0 Admin Panel Hack

Ron has created a WordPress Hack to change the look of the admin panel in 2.0. Not only does it change the colors to something less eye-bleeding, it moves the sidebar in the write panel over to the left side. Go read his entry to find out more.

I’m going to come up with a pink version. 🙂