journalversay – 2001

You know, when I first realized I had an important milestone coming up, then thought up the idea of taking you through each year each day, a part of the back of my brain hollered out, “WAIT! What about 2001?”

I kinda wanted to just skip it.

It was an incredibly difficult year.

The archives are a mess. I started a blog at Blogger in September, and when I imported the entries here, there are no titles and a bunch of extra tags that mess up the page. There are a whole pile of journal entries missing. I keep thinking about all the copying and pasting of the entries into here and more than just a lot of work, it would be hard. You know, emotionally hard. Because I have to read about it all over again. I thought I might go through them backwards, reading about Our Heroine without that sense of impending doom on the horizon.

Ron (see honey? I mentioned you) was able to spend most of the year working from home, so Emma had two parents to cling to. By the end of the year, he was hired by the college.

We bought this house and got our first mortage.
We left the house we built.
Relationships with certain family members deteriorated.

Planes crashed into buildings in the United States and the sky fell.

My grandmother died and my heart broke.