Tuesday, January 31, 2006 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

blog-aversary 2003

Well, we’re getting closer to end. Boy, there’s tons to wade through and I *am* funny. I started to write a lot more about homeschooling in general, and not just day-to-day things. Hmm, my writing got better, too. Not the typos though.

In February, I wrote a bit about a love affair. My mom told me (and a room full of people) that I’ve had ADD all my life. It’s buried near the end of that long entry. This was also the start of the endless wrong number phone messages.

As an update to that, eventually the wrong numbers petered out to once in a while – just long enough to forget. Last year, in a tragic accident, the pub owner died. We had a smattering of wrong numbers after that, but none since.

I did a lot of sewing that year, including swimsuits. Not that I’m linking to each entry, but I went to the gyno somehting like every other month for wonky test results that meant I was still normal. Meaghan had dental surgery, and you’ll be happy to note that the teeth underneath that had to grow in finally did. My computer died, but I got a funny entry out of it when I got back online. Ron bought a motercycle. Emma grows up. And she still is.

I went to a ton of yard sales. Ron started blogging too. His Dyslexic Diaries entries are stuffed in my archives. I started walking and joined Weight Watchers. Was it really that long ago? That worked out well, but I fell off the exercise wagon.

One of the good things that came out of blogging was being able to jot down random conversations like this. And to preserve when I finally saw the light about Christmas tree lights, plus how cute Emma was.

It was a good year.


  1. I’m having so much fun reading through all these old posts! Thanks for letting us walk through memory lane with you.