Sunday, February 19, 2006 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

59 pictures to tell the story

We went down to Saint John, where most of my family lives, to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday. We brought the camera and uploaded almost all of the photos, not just the bestest ones.

You can see them all here. We love you Grampy! Big thanks have to go to Glenda, for she did all the hard work.

One of the best shots:

pinning on the corsage

(l. to r. – me, grampy, glenda).

In case you are interested in the scenery around here (although there was way less snow the further south we went), I added a set to my flickr account. They are all from the drive down and back.


  1. My that was fast!
    Great pictures! Well-done, Sarah!
    The party was a success because everyone did their job (even the 5 year old).
    Thanks to all the Rennicks for all their help.
    I haven’t seen my father happier.


  2. Hello Alf! You look better at 90 than I look at 56! Congratulations on the remarkable milestone. Handsome in the suit as well I must say. Very nice day for you I think with all the family around. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. You and Margie were engaged 10 years before I was born! I was lucky Glenda spent a day with us a couple of years ago but I haven’t seen anyone else in your family for 30 or more years. Nice to see some of them. I have listened to Adrians music online, so I’m a bit familiar with that. Take care and enjoy your family. John, Linda, Christa and Rebecca Glencross.

  3. Michael & Alison says:

    Hey, great pictures. Its good to see my uncle Alf looking so happy! Hope our card arrived safely (if not, its still on its way, sigh). Would love to have been there with you all, but there’s rather a lot of water in the way…. so thank you VERY much for the pictures. As you say in one caption, it’s almost like being there… (and the cake was nice too!!?)
    And well done to coz Glenda, for organising it all!

  4. That is a young looking 90 year old.