blog-aversary – 2005

Yeah, the year that just went past. It was, as I said at the beginning of January, a sucky year. We got hit with a huge unexpected bill for the halo, Emma had dental surgery, Ron stopped working at the college and went back to freelancing, we discover Addison needs eye surgery. (No, it still hasn’t been booked.)

We also painted the house (most of it) and I got published. I also switched over to WordPress (phew) and made a new category just for Sunday Dinners. I had one of “those” days in February, plus Emma made a run for it. Sarah coins a new term, and Ron speaks at a homeschooling convention. This entry from the end of July encapsulates the summer. We open up and I talk about my part-time second son.

And the rest you probably read very recently. 😉

hugs abounding

Before I get on with the last installment of the yearly overviews (the audience breathes a collective sigh of relief), I will now tell you of the most recent Emma cuteness.

Yesterday, she hugged everyone within an inch of their lives. BIG hugs, squeezing hard. When we said thanks, she said, “Doesn’t that warm your heart?”

This morning she hugged me lots in sequence, little hugs delivered in rapid motion. “There,” she told me, “Now you will have LOTS of PATIENCE!”

blog-aversary – 2004

Man, I am really verbose. My commenters are not. 😉 In some ways, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I write about funny stuff, how busy we are and how things go awry.

But in 2004, I wrote a few things that got submitted a few places. We toilet-trained Emma and I got hooked on the gym. Dare I say how much I miss it? I was shrinking, so I tried on some new clothes. I was even on the radio. Ron is extra-romantic. I wrote how, about cheesy bread and mommy guilt, then I put my own mom up for auction. The kids teach each other “don’t poke the bear“.

Our house gets looked at so it can be placed on the Historical Register. Ron convinces me to get on the motercycle with him and we ride in Bikes for Tykes. Our garden explodes with tomatoes.

And then? We get October. Addison had his accident. I write about the ambulance ride and our endless trips to physio.

In November, I write the longest run on sentence ever. It was funny, though. There’s also a lot of good stuff in December, especially the bit about the horse.

That was a really busy year.