Grocery day

Boy is it a nice day out there and am I ever glad to see it. I got a lot of stuff done this morning, and honestly, I tried to not overdo it, I swear.

Pushing around a heavily loaded grocery cart was probably a bad idea. Ow.

At any rate, I get to relax all afternoon as once again Chauffeur Carl will be wisking me away to meet up with Ron. Here’s hoping absolutely nothing happens along the way.

RAWR! not just for boys

Emma just handed me a construction paper dinosaur she made, including drawing the bones on it. It also says “T rx”. Do you know what kind it is? 😀

And now that’s over…

I was at the hospital for 12, in by 2 (nice long wait) and out again by 3. I was in recovery until 4:30. My throat feels like they tried to stuff a large dead and very dry elephant down it. (That’s always the worst part.) Doctor says he couldn’t find any stones, I must’ve passed them, but it sure was irritated in there. He could certainly tell I had one.

My side even feels better, but the meds haven’t quite worn off yet. At any rate, I’ll be takin’ ‘er easy again tonight. I got stuff to do tomorrow. 😀

Got a couple funny stories for you, but they’ll have to wait, as it’s hard to type with a sore hand (from the i.v.).

If only these things would be straigtforward

I was in and out of there in half an hour. The doctor draws nice diagrams. Yep, he said, I’m still sore.

Strangely, I was feeling WAY better this afternoon since about 2:30. I have no idea if I passed the stone or not – haven’t seen anything. He insists I wouldn’t feel it coming out. So unless I pass it and know about it, I gotta go over to the hospital at some time tomorrow (they’ll call, they are heavily booked) where they will go in and get it.

The procedure sounds really cool and interesting until you realize they’re doing it on you.

He also said if I was feeling crappy this morning, but better now, and didn’t pass it, it’s possible it went back up the tube a bit, since the tube has widened where it passed by. So who knows?

EDIT: I’m going in for 12pm. I still feel mostly better, but they feel it’s a good idea to go in and have a look around to make sure.


I have a doctor’s appointment today at 4:30.


Oh the titles I could write… how about “The Great Kindey Stone Blog Watch ’06” or “Rock n Roll”? Man, I’m dizzy. A side effect of the kidney stone is nausea. A side effect of the painkillers is… nausea. My life is so FUN right now.

Laying around in bed or on the couch all day sounds like a good idea in theory, doesn’t it? Nah, it’s not. I will tell you I have the bestest husband in the whole wide world. He did get me roses, the two-toned ones that are my favorite. He also waited on me hand and foot and made me sit down when I tried to do things.

I’d love to say I have the greatest pain meds ever invented, but these ones just bring it down to uncomfortable. When you read about kidney stones and people say how excruciating and agonizing they are, that is no exaggeration. I’d rather give birth all over again, med-free.

Other than that, I have felt mostly the same since Friday. Sometimes I will have a span of just uncomfortableness, but I usually have to make sure I don’t move my head. I will tell you about the frustrating receptionist at the urologist’s later.

So no – no stone has made its way out yet. Made myself wince for about five minutes when I Googled for kidney stone pics. Not for the faint of heart.

As soon as it passes, I can asure you I will be announcing it from rooftops.