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Well, I’d love to tell you how we were and are having a wonderful time. All our plans went down the tubes, and you’ll see how much of a pun that is in a second.

I had to keep making bathroom stops, but for some reason, I couldn’t pee. The pain got worse and worse, until it involved my whole left side.

Carl, who was driving (Thank God) sped us all to the emergency room in Moncton where eventually we found out I had a kidney stone! Yes, it is true that it is worse than labour.

Stone is 5mm (less than 1/4″) and was almost to my bladder when they looked. They gave me some really good narcotics, too. I had a pleasant nap. Emma had a great time wandering the hospital with my mother, who found a quilt sale in the lobby. Carl has ten more grey hairs. Ron was worried sick in Saint John.

I feel like someone planted a roundhouse kick to my side and I’m woosey. How do you spell that anyway? I think I need to go lie down again.

You want pics? Pics of my hair AND whatever stone pases? 😀 I can do seperate photos…

I think it’s time for some meds. The girls are taking great care of me. My mommy is bringing food later. (not that I feel like eating. Hmm, this could be a good diet.)

Methinks Ron will be home early today.


  1. So sorry to hear about your kidney stone. Get better real soon.

  2. Oh, Andrea – how disappointing! I am so sorry and I will be praying that this thing passes very quickly.

  3. Hi Andrea,

    Eeek! Glad to hear you are being well looked after. Hope you have a speedy passing (I mean the stone of course) and are soon on the mend. 🙂

  4. Friends of mind have had that. Thank goodness for good drugs seems to be the consensus. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. ouch! hope it passes soon and without too much pain!

  6. eek, poor you!

    Hope it all gets better very very soon.

  7. Not personally, but professionally… I *do* know how bad those suckers hurt. I feel for you, Darlin. There’s no shame in medicating yourself through it. Happy Nappy, and may it never happen again.

  8. Oh Andrea! I’m so sorry to hear that. I had a very bad kidney infection once and know how painful it must’ve been for you. I hope you are recovering and you get all of the help you need.

  9. Ugh – how unpleasant to say the least. I hope you feel better really soon!

  10. My dad had kidney stones. My mom treated it with barley water long term. He did pass it without the surgery that was offered 30 years ago. I remember the constant smell of barley water and felt bad for my dad, in more ways than one…ick. My dad’s tough stuff, but those kidney stones knocked him down. Very painful. Take care and hope the painkillers help out a lot.

  11. So Sorry you are not feeling well. Darren hooked me up so I could find out where you were without actually spending an hour on the phone. I have had an ordinary cold that has settled in my throat. It’s hard to speak. Darren is so sad. It sounds like you are still in Miramichi. I saw Cathy Jardine last week and they took their house off the market for now. John was diagnosed with a blood clot in his leg and his job was changed until further notice.He is taking blood thinners and the doctors think juggling chainsaws is dangerous work.

  12. I had that. It is truly worse than labour. I hope you are feeling better very soon.

  13. Ouch! I’m so sorry to hear this! Prayers for a quick recovery….


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