Weekend vignettes


What Ron did Saturday afternoon:

What we did Saturday evening:
Saturday night

And I can’t really flower-blog yet, as my yard mostly looks like this:Roses bushes
Leaves on sticks.


Addison to Ron: “You never told me how being a real man sucks so bad.”

Me to Meaghan and Emma wearing Meg’s old shirt that I swear she wore recently: “Stop growing up! Nobody is allowed to grow up any more!”


Meaghan made Chocolate & Peanut Butter Ribbon Dessert. Dangerous and deadly. Won’t last long.

Bad mommies unite

Over at The Big Yellow House, it seems someone wrote her a very nasty comment about how dare she have a favorite child.

Her response? T-shirts!

Yeah, Meaghan is having a hard time picking out which one she wants. Sarah often says what is on the front of one of them, but I’m not saying which one. 🙂

Hope for my mama friends

I just realized when I walked out the door earlier, that I am lucky. And? My mama friends who are in the midsts if clingy kids and not being able to do anything? There is hope.

I went to get groceries and nobody wanted to go. In fact, when I told Emma I was getting groceries today, she said, “I’m staying here. Make sure you get cheese strings and corn twists for me please.” And when I was ready to go, I just… left.

Sure, it took at least 13 years, but still…

And I also figured out some of my grocery dilemma. I’ve been getting regular gorcery orders and not really cooking the same way. Plus it hadn’t really stuck in my head that most of the time now, I am cooking for 3.5 people, not six. I also started using the smaller cart. That visually helps me keep to a smaller haul.

Yes, I make a list too, but there’s all that yummy food there…

Good gift ideas

Live Free Learn Free Magazine is having a Mother’s Day special on subscriptions. $25 US for a whole year!

Also, relatives take note that I like Home Education Magazine, Life Learning magazine (it’s Canadian too), and Homeschooling Horizons (also Canadian).

Ron likes this stuff too, so take note for Christmas. (Yeah why didn’t I post this before our birthdays??)

Deciphering Emma’s list

Emma’s to-do list:
to do list
Originally, the numbers were not present. She added the numbers afterwards and checked them off as she did her self-appointed tasks.

On the left, that is a dress and washer. Above it is the number 2 and a checkmark. Below, it says wash clothes. Under that is the clothesline with a checkmark. She got me to help her bring her laundry basket of dirty clothes downstairs and put it in the washer.

Next, the picture of the box on the top says 6 with a checkmark. Underneath, the KMR stands for “clean my room”. I did not see this happen. She assures me it did. The strange picture underneath that is an arm holding a spoon. The circle is a bowl of cereal. It has a checkmark and a number one. The label BTF stands for “breakfast”. I know this happened.

Sort of in the middle at the top are pages with numbers, and I think that’s a picture of a tree. The SW means “schoolwork”. I think that is supposed to be a 5. Below that is a picture of our living room, a chair on either side of the couch, with KAM for “clean the living room”. It was number 3 on the list. That didn’t look touched either.

Number 4 there is plant and water the garden. Those dots are seeds. I have no idea about the rest.

The best part is the last one, number 7. That is a gold star and two people. The HM means “hug mom”. And she did.


While I was visiting my friend, she told me about the awesome deal she scored on these HUGE workbooks. So after we left there, grabbed the other girls and loaded up for the library, we high-tailed it over to this store where I scored a few for Emma.

They are huge workbooks with over 300 pages each, from School Specialty Publishing, regular $22.95 in Canada. I got them for THREE BUCKS each. I think I got five or six of these.

She’s been asking for “schoolwork” and looking for workbook-type things to do. We are really relaxed about it, and it is at her lead. She’s already made up at least three games with the stuff in the books.

In the area? Head on over to The Great Canadian Dollar Store in Chatham. They are over on the right side of the store, in housewares on the left aisle, bottom two shelves.

After that, we picked a huge amount of books from the library for Emma. I had explained to her that, aside from all the story books, they had a section of books you could read to find out about anything you wanted. We had made a list of things she wanted to know more about: whales, fish, puppies, the human body, ancient egypt and crafts. It was absolutely amazing to her to find that section of the library, even though I had tried to show her on previous trips. She was almost overwhelmed at the selection, picking maybe two books at most on each subject.

Except when we found the Magic School bus books on the subjects we wanted, and the videos. We got loads of those.

So all around a good learning day. We both got loads of stickers from Emma for our good work.