It tastes awful. And it works.

There’s this thing we have up here in Canada, and Ron swears by it. Buckley’s.

Remember when you were little (or in old movies, you whippersnappers) when your mom or grandma would put a mentholated camphor rub on your chest with a hot washcloth? Remember that? Well, it’s just like that.

Except you drink it.

And OH. My God, it is horrible. While Ron starts chugging it at the first signs of a really bad cold, I hold out. I have to be really sick. In fact, I have to be at death’s door. This stuff tastes so bad, I can’t even smell it. I start to retch.

But I’m really sick.

“I’m going into the kitchen,” I told the kids just now, “and if you hear a large thud, it just means I took some Buckley’s. If you hear nothing after that, call 911. And don’t look.” They continued watching Lost. “Uh-huh” one of them muttered, “Next commercial.”

I got a glass of water, got the spoon, opened the bottle. I stretched. I braced myself and held my nose. Oh it was BAD. It was vile. It has earned these italics and caps, I can assure you. Instant body shivers.

But? I am disgusted and dismayed to report that no less than a minute after one teaspoon, I’m starting to feel better. This means I may get a good night’s sleep, and more importantly, on waking, I will probably just have lingering symptoms. Then I’ll feel like I can Get Things Done and be almost over it, I will be compelled to take just one more teaspoon.

Which means I have to taste it again.

Buckley’s. It tastes awful. And it works.

And they didn’t even ask me to post this in my blog. I’m doing this as a favour to humanity. Although I think it works because it tastes so awful, the germs run screaming from your body.

Where to buy in the US – I guess you can get it at Rite-Aid, but it won’t show up on their website. At any rate, here’s some direct product links to some online pharmacies. (I sound like spam. Sigh.)
– they have the best story of. “And if anybody knows about coughs and colds, it’s Canadians.”
The Herbal Man – old fashioned patent medicines. (That link’s just for Kim C. 😉 )

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  1. ironically I like the smell of buckleys. Yes it does taste aweful but it does work. It starts by cleaning your sinuses on first inhale after swallowing..haha

    You know what you need. Home made chicken soup. Works wonders for a cold. I might just have to make some and drop it off at the door and run for my life..haha

  2. Hmmm, I’ll have to see if I can find it here — we’re not that far from Canada. If not, it might be worth the trip across the bridge to get some. My sister swears by Alka-Seltzer Cold, but I don’t think I could keep it down long enough for it to work! As long as Buckly’s isn’t effervescent, I think I might be able to handle it!!!

  3. What a slogan 🙂

    The next time dh is sick I’ll see if I can find some. I’ve never heard of it before. I wonder if I can find it this far down south?

    Yep, I said dh can have some 🙂 Let’s see how he takes to it first.

  4. Gah. OK starting over. Yes, it tastes horrid. And YES, it WORKS. Worth every penny. I believe we in the US can get it at – but if not, just google it cuz I know I bought it online somewhere.

    I always say it works because it’s so jacknasty that you don’t EVEN wanna repeat the dose – so you get better!!!

  5. It’s vile. I always said that it tastes the way I imagine rocket fuel would taste. And I more or less have the same theory as you, that it works simply because your body is so afraid you’ll take more if you don’t get better immediately.

    I love the commercial where it shows the face of horror people get as they take it.

  6. Ha! Toady got spam blasted! 😀 Yeah Gem, if you can swallow it, it totally works. Brings tears to your eyes too.

    I am almost better. God help me. 😉

    And their commercial IS the best! Too bad the contest just ended (yeah they had a contest for the best reaction) because when I take it my whole body shudders.

  7. oh kay. I have never heard of this stuff, and as you may recall Anrea, I have a fascination with all weird smelling and/or tasting medicine that is an old remedy. Ask my kids about cod liver oil and watch as they vanish in to thin air!
    Anyway, I can attest, there is no Buckleys in Chicago.

    I’ll make you a deal. You send me some Buckleys and I’ll have my dad in NJ dig up my favorite hard to find remedy, Porter’s liniment salve (smells like some unearthly thing due to cloves, camphor, myrrh sassafras, etc.) but works like a charm, and send it your way!

    the salve,

  8. Andrea, I told my dh about this stuff and your description. He said that his co-worker will actually ingest Vick’s Vapor Rub when he has a cold! Maybe there is something to that, then, if Buckley’s is similar. Just the thought of eating Vapor Rub, though, is gross 🙁

  9. I’ve never heard of it, but I am R.O.T.F.L.O.L.!!!!!!!!! I can just imagine!!!!! My kids get the body shivers when they take liquid Tylenol ROFLOL!!!

    What is IN it that tastes so bad?

    My dh is an Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus man. Well, he used to be, till they changed the formulation. 😛

    I honestly don’t get many head colds. Any cold I get lands in my voicebox, and I sound like I’ve been smoking 12 packs a day since birth or something. 😉

  10. Oh yea Buckleys RULES. Seriously. It DOES work. What makes it taste so bad is that it tastes like a combination between pine needles and menthol. Yep. Its nasty hard to take stuff but it WORKS.

    I love Buckleys.

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