Friday, May 19, 2006 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

My head has been full for three weeks

It’s green out there, I almost can’t believe it.

Spring came early, and it took most citizens here to realize that maybe the reason our collective heads were full and our noses were running constantly was because everything pollenated at once. The forsythia were out full-force next to lilacs starting bud.

Now I know the lilacs are early, because BJ’s wedding anniversary is next week, same day as Addison’s surgery, and the lilacs in her area bloom then. She wanted fresh lilacs at her wedding, and they bloomed just in time.
They are a usually a week later here, so I forget to wish her a happy anniversary until it has gone by.

(Happy anniversary BJ & Greg! Look! I’m early!)

So on top of flowering bushes, all the maples trees in the surrounding yards burst forth with buds and leaves. It was quite pretty and only slightly slower than stop-motion nature films.


It was kind of hard to appreciate exactly how pretty it is, partly because of the rain for the last week, and party because of the sinus headace I’ve had, off and on, for three weeks. I finally realized that pollen was probably the reason my head was full, and quite possibly the reason that I couldn’t breathe well, either.

Well, I could breathe, but about three hours after going to sleep, I’d wake up feeling like a troll was on my chest, so. You know. That’s no fun.

Also no fun is trying to get in to see a doctor so I could get my inhaler prescription refilled. There’s a shortage of doctors here, especially in my town, and we don’t have a family doctor. I called the Day Clinic and they couldn’t get me in for a week. I made the appointment anyway. A few days later, I just couldn’t stand it anymore, and headed off to one of the Evening Clinics. These are set up for people who can’t get in to see a doctor anywhere and have some non-emergency that would clog up the emergency room.

I was the last one in to take a number (32), and when the nurse locked the door fifteen minutes later, the next patient was number 25. Surprisingly, I was there for only 45 more minutes. I noticed that almost every single patient, upon leaving, hollered out a “thank you” to the nurse behind to counter.

With the pollen-induced full sinuses blocking my head, it also stopped up too many entires on draft in there as well. This was one of them. For what it is worth, now that the pollen has settled, I don’t need the inhaler.


Now my yard is fully green. The narcissus are out, other things are blooming, and scanty perennials that were just poking through a week or two ago are now getting almost too big to move, if that’s what we are doing with them. I expect to get my hands very dirty again this weekend. There are no more sticks with leaves poking up, there are bushes.

I should post a detailed garden entry. Hmmm. But before I leave, here’s a bit of a summer long ago.

1993 In the sun