Boy, is Ron in for a surprise

When my honey called me earlier to say he was taking an earlier flight, I on-purpose neglected to tell him I did my hair.

I went next door for a $12 hair cut and requested it super-short. WAY short. Family will know how short I really do like it. She even got out the clippers. Then when I came home, I cracked open the hair dye I bought yesterday out of the markdown bin at the grocery store. Extra bleached blonde, less than $5. You know, you have to prove how blonde you really are inside to wear this color, and I knew it wouldn’t look exactly like the model on the box.

Besides, any box that could also promise knocking me down a few dress sizes in a couple hours wouldn’t exactly be in the clearance rack, would it?

So now I am, in the words of the girls, WOW-is-that-ever-BLONDE blonde. I like how Emma phrases it. “Yay! It’s just like my favorite color!” Which is yellow. And while letting the extra-deep conditioning set in, I slicked it all back and determinded that if I had to, I wouldn’t look half-bad bald either. It certainly detracts from my hips, so that’s a plus.

The only down side so far as I can see, is that it highlights my dark and unruly brows.

Pictures of the hair will come tomorrow, because Ron has my camera.

OH MY … is Ron in for a shock … er – a surprise. 🙂 Do we get to see a picture of the new “do?”

Definitely a “this post is useless without pictures” kind of time. Sounds interesting anyway 😉

Is Ron fairly laid-back about this kind of thing? Cause my hubby would absolutely flip if I did that! Of course, he thinks my hair is too short if it falls higher than my shoulders. 😉