Men may appreciate them, but breasts are built for BABIES

Yeah yeah, everyone I know has linked to or sent me this article: Eyeful of breast-feeding mom sparks outrage.

So lemme get this straight; apparently this cover is “offensive” or “bad”:

And these are “good” or “okay” magazine covers that I’ve seen displayed on local newstands…

Gotcha. Loud and clear.

Couldn’t let it go by without a mention

My grandmother died five years ago, and although it is still upsetting to me to think about it, I’m getting better. Sometimes it sneaks up behind me, squeezing my heart and my throat until it is hard to breathe. When I get to That Day, I am usually fine. The weeks leading up to the anniversay (such a strange word for the yearly memorial) are the worst, and Ron has been the most patient and understanding husband ever – knowing what I need without us having to mention it or talk about it.

Sometimes it is extra hard. I thought I was doing good one day, a few months ago. Emma noticed the Nanny in the picture in the kitchen and was asking questions, because she forgets.

“Did she love me?” she asked.

I couldn’t tell her how Nanny called Emma her Millenium Baby, how she was so happy when she was born – delighted really, how her face lit up whenever she saw her – even when she hurt, how Emma’s hair at a few months was almost the same shade of ginger, how proud she was of all my kids, how she loved to fuss over us all, how she said “Goodnight, God bless,” before she hung up the phone.

“Oh honey,” I dropped down to hug her tightly, “She loved you very much.”

She loved us all, and we miss her.

I think she has a lawyer on retainer

My mom’s birthday was yesterday, and I called her today.

“Why didn’t you call me yesterday? Your BROTHER called me, JULIA called me. Why didn’t you call me? You’re outta the will!”

“I thought you were going away.”

“Well I didn’t go anywhere! I never said I was going anywhere!”

“Yeah, you said you were going to Norton.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did.”

“When did I say that?”

“Last weekend.”

“I said I *might* go away.”

“You said you were going.”

“Okay fine, you’re back in the will maybe.”

“I got you a present.”

“I’ll be down later then.”

She showed up later with a cake, 50% off. Addison said happy birthday and gave her a hug. “Okay,” she tells him, “YOU’RE in the will, you and your sisters get it all!”

Addendum to yesterday

Emma woke me up at 8:45, but then crawled in with us. By the time I got up at 9:30 to take Sarah to work, she was drifting off again. Still sleeping too.

ETA: They got up at 11:15, but Ron would like to point out that included loads of snuggle time. 🙂

Beat the clock

Don’t forget to read Ron’s day as well.

7:00 – Addison gets up and clomps around, goes to work
8:00 – Sarah gets up
8:30 – I get up
8:45 – I drive Sarah to work
9:00 – I go for a walk
9:25 – I turn on the computer
9:35 – Emma gets up, I get her breakfast
10:00 – Ron & Meaghan wake up
10:20 – Emma & I go to department store to buy birthday present
10:25 – I talk Emma out of gettign her best friend a box of Kraft Dinner and anything with batteries or flashing lights.
11:05 – Emma & I arrive at birthday party
11:20 – Emma cries.
12:00ish – Ron rips apart some of the bathroom without me.
12:30 – Emma cries again.
1:30 – Emma cries some more.
3:00 – Emma & I leave party
3:05 – Emma says she had a great time.
3:20 – We get home
3:23 – Addison arrives home.
3:25 – Ron and I go pick up sink and tub
4:00 – we get sink & tub in house
4:05 – we go pick up Sarah from work
4:20 – back home, we discover sink has crack
4:35 – Ron takes sink back to store, gets another. I hold down the fort.
5:00 – I hang out wet clothes I forgot about
5:20 – I go to the kitchen to rustle up supper that I hopefully won’t have to cook
5:40 – now that the kitchen is clean and the dishwasher running, I look in the freezer and cupboards
5:45 – go to grocery store
6:00 – get back from grocery store & discover as I make subs and potato salad, that we are almost out of mayo
6:25 – sit down and eat supper
6:35 – decide to take girls to pool
6:45 – leave for pool
6:55 – stop at mall. Again. This time for earplugs.
7:10 – everyone in the pool
7:15 – be choked by Emma hanging onto my neck
7:45 – Emma lets go of my neck and floats with life jacket
8:10 – home from pool
8:12 – change into pajama top and baggy ugly shorts
8:15 – see Ron trim hedges
8:16 – Emma tells Daddy how she swimmed all by herself
8:20 – go to neighbour’s house and watch the girls jump on their trampoline
8:40 – convince Emma she’s not going in the neighbour’s pool
9:00 – make coffee, clean bathtub & room, make a cup of tea from the pot I forgot about
9:30 – talk to Ron outside as he brings in clothes
9:45 – take tub and sink upstairs
10:00 – relax for a few minutes. Meaghan takes Emma upstairs.
10:05 – Ron goes upstairs
10:10 – I surf the web
10:39 – I finish draft of this entry
10:45 – I post this entry
10:46 – I go watch tv with Ron
11:00 – Emma coes downstairs looking for a drink. Ron handles it becuase he is World’s Best Husband.
11:05 – I discover time is off on one channel. Flick through other channels.
11:20 – Emma comes downstairs to get Teddy
11:30 – lights out
12ish sleepytime

Yeah. Weekend are like this.

If it helps cool us down…

It’s a bit cooler today supposedly. The temp is 24C/77F and hazy but the rain and humidity give it a feel-like temp of 31C/88F . I’m not used to this; I grew up next to the Atlantic ocean.

Emma is listening to A Very Veggie Christmas.

Tonight we go back home and I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed with my husband. Seems I only get both 2 night a week, and I know my house is cooler.