WordPress tip: bookmarklets

When using WordPress as you blog publishing platform of choice, there a couple of handy quick features for writing posts AND for adding links to the ever-important blogroll.

In the Write Post area, scroll way down to the bottom of the page. There’s a link there to right-click and add to your favorites. I added mine to my toolbar, that way when I am surfing and find a great link, I can click on the “Press it!” link on my toolbar, up pops a little Write window. I fill in a quick blurb, hit the button – and my blog is updated, all while still surfing.

Same think with Links. Let me point it out if you didn’t know, that a list of links on your sidebar is called a blogroll, after the popular Blogrolling service. WordPress has one integrated that is much easier to use and doesn’t take a kajillion years to load. Plus you can have multiple categories of links.

Anyway. It has a Bookmarklet too. Go to the Add Link sub-menu and scroll way down to the bottom again. There’s a link there that this time you can drag to your toolbar. Now when you’re on an awesome site you want to add to your links list/blogroll on your sidebar, click the button, up pops the window again and better yet – the fields are all filled in. All you have to do is click Update.

yup, I love those tools too 🙂

You should totally check out the performancing extension for firefox. It is a sort of “press-it” button on steroids. I haven’t played much with it (you see how little I blog these days) but it looks like something you might find useful.

Now, I’ve been using and loving my “Link this” button for some time, but I didn’t know about the “Press it” button, VERY cool! thanks for the info.!

OK, so how to I transfer my kajillion-link blogrolling list to my WP link list? You know, without pain or banging my head on the desk?