Bedrooms are colours

So you may have noticed lately that I am now referring to our bedrooms by colour, not by who lives in the room. It’s not because we want to sound like some pretensiously expensive yet curiously homey and comfortable b&b, it’s just because… well… we tend to move people around the house a lot.

Reminds me of a conversation I had the last time Aunt Glenda visited.

“Where am I sleeping?” she asked.

“I thought I’d put you in The Gold Room.”

“The Gold Room? How swanky sounding.”

“Not really, just easier than trying to remember who usually sleeps there.”

The Gold room was ours for a while – before that, it was sort of a storage room, but promised to Addison. Now Sarah is in it, but soon she will move to The Grey Room, and we’ll finish up the Gold Room.

In my next house – and yes, I have thought about this a little too much – I decided I will continue with this new tradition. All bedrooms will be known by colour. Which means I’ll have to make sure they are each a different colour. Hmm. Kinda difficult when I am not exactly 100% certain what house I’ll be in this time next year.

You were right, Dear.

Ron loves it when I say that. I have to say it again. And when he gets home, he’ll make sure I whisper it in his ear.


WELL. One of my tasks this week was to finish up in the grey bedroom, namely paint inside the closet. I had already started before, so it was mostly done with primer over a patch job of horrid wallpaper. Not as horrid as the rest of the room had been when we moved in, but still – it was out of style twenty years ago. Possibly thirty. This was also an area they (whoever they were, the owners previous to the people we bought it from, I think) decided to use up every available scrap of wallpaper they had. To give you an idea of their frugalness – I kid you not – they had pieced together about six inch-wide strips to cover a section of one side. Each closet wall has something like this.

You can imagine how a nice fresh coat of white paint highlights this.

The more I looked at it, the more I hated it. “But honey,” I whined on the phone the other night, “It just looks *awful*… and I don’t have enough grey to cover it and I don’t want to get a whole ‘nuther can just for the freakin’ closet.”

The voice of reason on the other end patiently explained yet again how it would be faster just to do what we had planned, even if it didn’t look as good, and besides, it’s just in the closet. Plus the plaster on the walls behind the paper is probably in rough shape. Then I argued that the closet has a wide doorless opening, and I went on and on. Besides, I told him, how bad could the plaster be in the closet anyway? “Allright,” he sighed, that weary sigh I knew so well, “Go ahead…” and while he said that I’m sure he heard the sound of the paper being ripped off the wall.

Later, I loaded up my MP3 player with some assorted podcasts and some new ones to see how I liked them, as well as checked my “I’m So Lonely, My Husband’s Away” extra-pathetic mix of songs, grabbed a scraper and a bucket of water and wallpaper remover, warned the girls and went at it.

I worked away, laughing, listening, humming along and eventually wondering why I wasn’t seen any of the girls, gosh it gets dark early, and why was I so tired anyway? When I was finally finished for the night, having done about two-thirds of the closet, I then discovered while cleaning myself up that I had been at it for THREE HOURS.

It was far past bedtime too. Sarah and Emma were watching a movie, Meaghan was burning a CD. The rest of the world was pretty darn quiet. Eventually, and far too late in the wee hours, we all got settled down in bed.

And my MP3 player now has paint AND wallpaper glue on it.

Today, sometime after lunch and after I woke up, I went at it again. For two more hours. I am almost done the removing of the wallpaper part. The next step is the plaster repair job part, and the “repair the previous sloppy repair job” fun parts. It’s a good thing I had music, the better to “LA LA LA I can’t hear you!” at the house when I discovered even older sections of wallpaper under the shelf-supporting two-by-four along the back wall, and at the ends supporting the rod. Nope, not gonna remove it, house. Not gonna see what’s behind there, just because. I am getting strong at being able to withstand your siren song of discovery.

Besides, I’m telling myself now I have to leave the next owners something to discover. Right? RIGHT?

(and my back hurts.)

Podcasts I enjoy while renovating:
Quirky Nomads
Blue Silver Podcast
The Zedcast – new to me
First Person Show – also new to me

The Pathetically In Love And I Miss You MP3 mix:
Bobcaygeon – Tragically Hip
Comin’ Home – City and Colour (Dallas Green)
Crazy – Gnarls Barkley
Days Go By – Dirty Vegas
Deja Vu – Beyonce
Feels Lke Home – Chantal Kreviazuk
Gone Till November – Wyclef Jean
If I Ain’t Got You – Alica Keys
Stupid – Sarah Maclaughlin

Today’s plans

In which we will not be visiting any suspicious-like stores. We’re going to the library instead. Maybe we’ll pick up some banned books, but I’ve read half the list already.

And bill paying. Possibly painting. (Yes, more painting, The painting will continue ad nauseum.) List making will make an appearance in abundance. Cleaning probably should happen too.

I am also starting to get into Artist Trading Cards. It’s all Heidi’s fault. Emma and I stayed up far too late and experimented at the dining room table.

Weirdos, all of us

So we’re out at the grocery store, and wander through the little mall it’s in, something I rarely do. There’s a new smoke shop there, or something, I dunno what you’d call it, they sell the weirdest arrangement of inventory. Hookah pipes, mary jane leaf logos, busty woman lighters, bandannas and leather, studded belts and braclets.

Plus! Eucational games and books, really neat ones. Not sure what they were thinking – keeping the brain cells safe of the children whose parents shop there? I totally bought a book of 120 great history projects. It was from the same publisher of another book we have on ancient civilizations and only $10. Meaghan read it all the way home.

Also, as a treat I bought a bag of hickory sticks. They are those potato chips sticks with a hickory flavour. Emma calls them “History sticks” though. Fair enough.

And Sarah bought me flowers, just because. Colourfully-dyed mums, in orange, purple and blue. I love them and her. 🙂

We should skip Mondays alltogether

Addison’s blog is here. Go hassle him. (I bet he won’t speak to me now. :P)

Off to run errands. The upstairs smells like floor stain, despite having the door closed and a fan running in the window for a good 24 hours.

Two kids are sitting in the van already. Think I should hurry?

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