Thursday, September 21, 2006 in I'm a computer geek

Thursday already

And there’s all kinds of UGH. My get up and go got up and went. All kinds of schedule finagling all over, just minor household stuff but feels juggling-like all the same.

Also a heads up: If you have a blog, there’s a site out there touting itself as a blog search engine. It’s a feed-republisher, mostly. That’s just really bad form. Their advice if you don’t want to be on their site? Stop publishing your feed. Yeah right, like that’ll happen.

My advice, especially if you’re using WordPress, is to use a plugin like Feed Copyright or . At least them visitors at the other site will know it’s been ganked, and hopefully the site owners will be embarrassed enough to quit it. (They do this for the Google rankings.)


  1. Yeah. And the ad revenue! That is the one that gets me. They are running google ads on *my* content! Grrr.

    I think that I may go one step further and include “Bitacle is stealing my blog content” at the bottom of each post.

  2. hm, I use feedburner as well as straight rss out of wordpress, wonder how I can tweak it…

  3. A similar site caused me to start publishing only excerpts in my feed.


  1. […] Andrea also posted about this at her site. Their help page states that if you don’t want your blog included, you should stop publishing an RSS feed. If you do that, nobody can read your blog through Bloglines or any other feed service. Just a heads up – do what you can. […]