Weirdos, all of us

So we’re out at the grocery store, and wander through the little mall it’s in, something I rarely do. There’s a new smoke shop there, or something, I dunno what you’d call it, they sell the weirdest arrangement of inventory. Hookah pipes, mary jane leaf logos, busty woman lighters, bandannas and leather, studded belts and braclets.

Plus! Eucational games and books, really neat ones. Not sure what they were thinking – keeping the brain cells safe of the children whose parents shop there? I totally bought a book of 120 great history projects. It was from the same publisher of another book we have on ancient civilizations and only $10. Meaghan read it all the way home.

Also, as a treat I bought a bag of hickory sticks. They are those potato chips sticks with a hickory flavour. Emma calls them “History sticks” though. Fair enough.

And Sarah bought me flowers, just because. Colourfully-dyed mums, in orange, purple and blue. I love them and her. 🙂

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  1. Wow, maybe the owner is a biker historian? A road hostorian? Or maybe the husband is in to paraphenalia and the wife is in to books? Yup, it is weird. The weirdest store we’ve been to lately was Aldrich’s Beef and Icecream.

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