Adventures in living

Yesterday, I worked on finishing up as much painting as I could before I collapsed Ron got home. I was having trouble focusing and sticking to things, so once I got myself in the groove, I could keep going. By 7pm, I was almost done the first coat on pretty mcuh all the kitchen. It looked really good.


Nice, isn’t it? Emma told me that the house was sad when it was green, and now that we were painting it yellow, it was so happy.

(what ballerinas do on their day off)

It’s just such a happy-looking kitchen now. Or, it was. That big area of wallspace shown above? The chimney goes up through there (fireplace on the other side) as well as all the pipes to the plumbing upstairs. Just around that little bumped-in corner, where the pantry is, was where we broke through the wall to repair that leak. So I was happily going over that, since Ron finished it up last weekend.

I was almost done, too, as you can see from the photo. I was happily painting away, talking on the phone to Addison to see how his week was. Meaghan had gone upstars, and I heard the toilet flush.

And then water started squirting out of the hole where the doorbell wiring is.

Yes, we sprung another leak. It ran down the wall, making a line through my paint job. Yes, we will have to take it down another section of wall.

I was so upset, I almost cried. I saved it for when Ron got home. “You’re kidding me,”

“I wish I was,” and then I bawled some more. What a guy Ron is, he started to laugh. Not over me crying, but over the situation. “Look on the bright side,” he said to cheer me up, “at least it happened now and not later, when the kitchen was completely finished, or when the house was on the market.”

I thought back to what Emma said about the house being happy. Maybe it’s so happy it peed itself in excitement.

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