Yes, I even decorate the bathroom

Bathroom vanity all gussied up

It’s the powder room or half-bath, on the right when you come in the back door. The walls are a deep burgundy, which kinda makes the room seem closed off, and are somehow showing up red in the photo.

But. Decked out like this it’s all posh and girly.

Bathroom swag

Except for this part.

Present on the wall

This is the bulletin board in my bathroom. Yes, in the bathroom and viewable as soon as you.. er… sit down. Gotta look at something besides a wall, eh? Anyway, all presents need bows and as you know I’ve had a bow-making frenzy here.

Until I misplaced my roll of gold twist tie “ribbon” I’m using to hold them all together.

Addison said it will be a Christmas miracle to get it all done on itme (including renovations) but right now I’d settle for finding that spool of gold wire.

Yay for new holidays!

It’s “officially” Arts and Crafts day. Kim and Anoif said so. 😉

Does decorating count? I had to make a few things like bows and swags…


By the fire

I’m running around putting the finishing touches on things. Or trying to. I haven’t done the bathroom yet, for instance. I still have to clean up the detrius of living and lug half-emtpy boxes of unused decorations upstairs.

I had to find a replacement couch because our new ones aren’t built yet. Fortunately, they are bringing me a loaner on Friday.

And the phone is ringing…


I tell people that I’m famous in a small corner of the Internet. Now I have PROOF.

B-List Blogger

Bowmaking tips

Before I get to the bowmaking part, I just have to tell you about my awesome neighbour Pauline. She brought over a tree and all kinds of decorations for it, plus she spent four whole hours helping me fluff garland, place lights and being a good eye for adjustments. She owns a bridal shop behind me here, so it should go without saying that she has excellent taste.

Dinings room tree

I’ve had to make quite a few bows for decorating. I hardly use red anymore, and a whole spool of outdoor ribbon is much much cheaper than premade bows. And that’s *if* you can find the kind of bows you want. Bows are also a good way to dress up just about anything. Slap a bow on it, and whatever it is will immediately look festive. (Yes, even the the dog, but I doubt he’ll like it.)

Tie one on

I made this bow to cover up the end of the over-the-door wreath hanger we have on the back door. The biggest secret to a nice formal bow like this? It’s done in pieces. It’s not even tied, except for the gold twist tie holding all four lengths of ribbon together.

One shorter piece with ends overlapping in the middle.
Another one just like it.
Pinched and folded in that middle.
Two longer pieces for tails, each one pinched in the middle and all held together in my other hand.
Gold wire twist tie (or pipe cleaner, or whatever) is wrapped around the middle and given a good twist to hold.

Voila! Instant bow. (Huh. Maybe I should have taken some pics of each step.)

Here’s a good site with some clear directions for all kinds of bows. How to make bows.

Four hours

… is how long I spent decorating the house last night. My neighbour came over last night to help, and we made quite a bit of progress. It was a late night and an early morning. I hit the ground running when I rolled out of bed. Pics to follow. I have to take someone to work in the snow (finally!) and then get to the library.