Thursday, November 23, 2006 in homeschooling, pop culture for homeschoolers

And this is why I will never watch his show again

Tomorrow (Friday) Dr Phill will have a show on about homeschooling. Think he’ll take a fair and balanced, educated look at it?

Think again.

Read this account of an audience member.

The short version is he stacks the audience with high school kids after telling guests they can’t bring their own children, features an UNschooling family as representative of the vast methods out there and present it as something across the board, implies that if it doesn’t look like school then the kids don’t learn and will be wild, and in short pulls one of his famous “bait and switch” techniques. The guests felt they were there to show homschooling as on option, to educate the public, yet he treats them like he’s there to solve a problem. Which they don’t have.

Basically, many of the times I’ve flipped over to watch for a few minutes I’ve seen more and more guests be grilled by him with a “that’s not what you told our producers” and him making them looks like idoits as he spins things however he wants to present it, complete with footage that has been edited to back up his point.

On tomorrow’s show they taken however many HOURS of taping they did at the guests house, and condense it down to 30 seconds, using just the footage of the kids “laying around doing nothing” and telling America that’s how this family homeschools. I also know of many of the more well-known people in the homeschooling movement and seasoned hmeschoolers contacted the show when they were looking for guests, and they were turned down.

You know what Phil? I’m not going to call you doctor any more. And to answer your famous question, “How that’s workin’ for ya?”

It’s working pretty friggin good, thank you very much. Now quit yapping about things you know nothing about, and leave it to those of us who do.


  1. I’m going to watch, just so I can send them a nasty email afterward. I think everyone should.

  2. As if the show isn’t bad enough, the promos are voiced by the Scary Voiceover Man and the title of the show is “When families REFUSE to send their children to school… on the next Dr. Phil.”

    Yeah, because that’s what even the loosey-goosiest of unschoolers is doing, throwing a petulant little tantrum and saying “No, you won’t go to school, I won’t let you, nyah nyah nyah.”

    What a joke/jerk/ripoff.

  3. Normally I would watch and send letters and post to the message boards and follow up comments in people’s blogs and and and…

    But right now I just don’t have time to get that irate about it. I have to fight the good fight later.

  4. I’d forgotten about this until I just turned the tv on and saw it in the listing. They’re not showint the program though. There’s something on about a woman getting scammed in an internet relationship.

    The show description from the Comcast program guide:

    “Great School Debate”. (2006). A discussion of the best way to educate children, featuring proponents of public education, homeschooling and “unschooling.” (Advice)

  5. Well, it did just air in our area. I already got a phone call from someone who caught the last ten minutes.

  6. Dang! I forgot to watch. I’m not a slave to my tv, just the internet.