The Wife’s Handbook

If you are in the mood, Sage from Quirky Nomads put together a podcast based on a book I loaned her. It’s not quite family or work safe, given the nature of the subject (and Sage says a bad word! gasp!), but if you want to hear re-enactments from a Victorian point of view of pregnancy, childbirth and birth control, give it a listen. You’ll waver between being agast and giggles.

You do not need an ipod or mp3 player to listen to it. Your computer should play the mp3 files just fine. Right-click and save as.. when you see the link on her page. It’s highly enjoyable.

And if you came here from Sage’s, hope you enjoyed it! No, I did not follow any of the advice in the book and yes, my grandfather really did give it to me. He’s 90 years old, he can get away with a lot. 🙂

That is so cool! I am off to listen to it now. Looking forward to Sage’s renditions.

Wow! That was hilarious! I’ll keep my eye out for a lead nipple protector for my child-bearing years.