A two-fer picture post

ATTENTION: line dancing moose ahead.

line dancing moose

Cracks me up every time. And we have a lot of these signs here.

Billy Bob's Bar and Restaurant

I’ve been trying to get a shot of this for a long time. I love my camera. Anyhow, this is Billy Bob’s Bar and Restaurant, converted from an old church and out in the middle of nowhere. Really, there is nothing but a scattering of houses for miles around this place. And trees. Looooots of trees. I can imagine ol’ billy bob is nursing a beer next to a wood stove somewhere, wondering why it never dad-gum ever took off.

Futon fluffing?

I’m trying to fluff up a sofabed futon so it is a little more comfortable to sleep on. Any tips out there?

Pretty, but cold

Winter sky, snowy branches

I am looking forward to spring.

Loads to tell ,but the headache intervenes.

The best part about winter

Hot chocolate

… is when you’re inside with a cup of hot chocolate. Meaghan has been going on photo hunts too, and the good part about a digital camera is the kids (and even I) can take a half-a-dozen shots of the same thing until one looks right.

A mesage from my mom

It is good to be Queen! My incredible husband Carl has been the perfect handmaid during my convalescence. Orange pop, fresh pineapple, the daily newspaper and day lilies… what more can a woman ask for. Despite the 5 star treatment, I’m bored out of my mind. I tried quilting however the rapid eye movement causes my check to smart.

Thank you so much for all your good wishes. I thought of posting a pic of my surgery but your imagination would be better. The actual lesion was tiny; the surgery however runs along my nose from the corner of my eye down to my nostril. I look like a cross between a hockey mom after the fight and Gil from Finding Nemo fame. Though Emma reminded me Gil’s scar was on the side of his face, not his cheek. Andrea volunteered her butt if skin grafts were required but the surgeon declined the offer; generous though it was.

Picture for today

Thumbs up for music

Yay for music.