Friday, January 26, 2007 in crafty things

An idea for my knitty friends

Apparently, you can buy some chi-chi-frou-frou yarn that you have to wind into balls yourself. Who knew? Anyway, some people have come up with the idea of winding little trinkets into the ball, so surprises are reavealed as you knit away happily. (Even moreso, one would presurme, if there are prizes involved.) There’s even a swap set up so you can swap yer balls o’ fun yarn with friends.

Swap-bot – Welcome – Magic Yarn Ball (US)

Or, you know, do the idea on your own. I bet this would go over well with kid knitters. Kids who knit I mean. Or maybe while knitting, they’d see a prize and get all distracted playing with the little trinket or toy or hair ribbon. Much like a cat I suppose. Then they’d tie up their little sister or various pets with the yarn, or make string webs all over their bedroom so you can’t even go into the room let alone tuck them in at night without accidentally strangling yourself. Or booby traps.

Okay, maybe not so much a good idea for the kids. This was probably why we had the “no string or yarn or skinny string-like substance” rule for so long in the house. Funny how those repressed memories come back.


  1. Yeah, distraction is the bane of my existence. Between the kid and the kittens, there is often yarn strewn across the living room, sometimes attached to an actual knitting project at the other end.

  2. for the record I only did 3 of those 4 things.