That’s Mr. Bear to you

That's Mr Bear to you

This is my teddy bear. Not the kid’s bear or one I just happened to pick up somewhere along the way, but MY bear.

Mr. Ted E. Bear was adopted for me shortly after I was born. A British bear of distinction, he met up with my equally distinguished and British grandfather, somewhere in England. They then travelled together back across the pond to meet me, in all my squalling glory.

Poor Teddy. He’s not very cuddly, as his bristly fur and straw-stuffed nature both add to his standoffishness. Despite that, it seems like it took only a few short years for his fur to be loved off in all the right places.

The faux-suede pads on his paws and feet are cracked and worn. His squeaker, and he does have one evidenced by the raw and dented spot in the middle of his chest – gave up the ghost a few years ago. Any attempts to revive it look like some sort of life-saving medical procedure.

He’s getting a little old for that.

One paw, his left one, is turned outwards. A little girl was fond of Winnie The Pooh, and Christopher Robin had dragged his bear – thump, thump, thump – down that stairs by one arm. So the little girl did too.

Until she got too big for bears, and he sat on the shelf. Watching and waiting. Slightly sad, but still distingushed. One day, he came off the shelf, only to be manhandled in a most undistinguished way by more small children. Thank Goodness he was rescued amongst a familiar sounding voice breathing admonishments.

Teddy longs for the outdoors

He got loved a little more often after that. But very carefully.

They’re being pretty funny today

Emma and Sarha were sitting in the chairs in the kitchen. Actually, Emma was sitting on one chair, and Sarah had just sat down on the other.

“Hey, I was gonna sit there,” Emma said.

Naturally, Sarah argued that Emma was already in a chair. And besides, did this chair have her name on it?

That’s when Emma pointed out one of the rungs, which did in fact have her name on it, written in blue marker.


Later on, I was emailing someone and I hear Emma say to Meaghan, “Okay, I’m in my happy place now.”

Not sure what was going on. Not sure I wanna know.

Just a bit of drawing in the morning light

Just a bit of drawing

Everyone knows that princesses keep their markers on a crystal tray. DUH.

Teddy gets a new coat

The other day, Ema came to me expressing distress that her teddy did not have clothes. Her bunny had clothes, and they fit teddy, but everyone had to share. Well, that can’t be good. Since the sewing machine was out and part of the fabric stash was right there, she aksed if I could make teddy a new coat.

Pleeeeeeease. 🙂

So I did.
Teddy got a new coat

“Wow, Mommy! I didn’t know you could do that!” Years and years of practise, honey. She watched me trace around the other coat, and sometimes eyeball it. At first, it scared her a bit because since I just laid the original coat on the fabric and cut around it, she thought I’d cut through it. She followed me well enough though, so much so at one point she said, “Great! Now you have to cut out another piece for the hood!”

Then I showed her how I had cut it in two layers. She thinks I’m so smart. 😀


So, I’m feeling kinda better today, which is good. Housecleaning is underway, and boy is there lots to do. Good thing I am a great overseer. 😀 My honey is coming home tonight, which is great.

I kinda feel okay now, even better than yesterday, depsite running aroudn, being tired and being awake for two hours in the wee bit of twilight. I promise that I am not overdoing it, and am going slow and stopping when things feel all twingy.

It’s really weird – you wouldn’t think that a “minor” procedure would know you down so much, but it does. It’s only considered minor because the doctor doesn’t have to open you up first. It kinda felt like childbirth, without any of the good parts. My insides are still weirded out, probably some sort of trauma response I’m guessing.

Anyway! Onto the fun stuff. I’m dumping all in one scattered post or I’d make 3 or 4 seperate ones. 😀

Salvation Army haul:
– two vintage dresses
– two vintage nightgowns
– 6 books
– a game and storybook for Emma
– shirt for Sarah
– two retro bathing suits for Meaghan. And they FIT.
Grand total $11.

Library haul:
– paid my fine. Oops. Ah well, I figure it’s for a good cause. At least they’ve had a ton of new books show up.
– grabbed a YA novel for Sarah since they all waited in the van.
– 6 handstamp romance novels, 3 purple covers, 3 red 😉
– a book on forensics
– a book on beading
– a book on blogging, which I was surprised to see
– a canadian humour novel
– a couple other mass market paperbacks, one chick lit for sure

I think that was it. Two bags, but I didn’t have to bend over to lift them, so it was okay. It should last me a week or two.

I also shuffled some boxes around in the attic last night, looking for stuff, but I got Sarah to lug some downstairs for me. I’m getting her to lug a bunch back UP the stairs today, after we’ve sorted stuff out. I thought I would feel worse, but overnight I only had weird twinges, and today I feel much more recovered, so it can’t have been that bad.

I think I’m gonna go have a nap again though.

Emma on marriage

Emma has resurfaced her Ariel and Prince Eric dolls. She just came running in to tell me something important, in between getting them dressed to get married, and them heading to the kitchen to go grocery shopping.

“I know why Ariel wanted to marry Eric!”

This was going to be good, I thought, so I asked why.

“Because they have the SAME COLOR EYES!”

I grinned, even though I knew I had to shoot down her reasoning. “I don’t have the same color eyes as Daddy. Why do you think I married him?”

She gave me a chagrined look. “Because you like him?”

“Yes I like him, and he’s smart and handsome and nice.”

“Well, he’s nice sometimes.”

Eh, I love him anyway.