Knitted breasts help new mothers

BBC news story here.

On the one hand, knitted boobies look kind of weird, on the other I imagine they’d be rather helpful. Good for them.

Never thought I’d tag a post with both these categories, that’s for sure.

yeah, that is weird…and uh,helpful. I know I would’ve busted out laughing during my birthing class if someone whipped out a knitted boob.

Weird though, last night I was hanging out with a nurse at our daughter’s gymnastics class and she was crocheting a very tiny blanket. We asked if it was a potholder and she said no, it was a fetus blanket, for stillborn children because the parents often want to see their babies and the actual baby blankets are way too big. So, there are a lot of people knitting and crocheting out there as a way to help.

I have seen references to knitted breasts as prostheses for women who have had mastectomies. I think there is a pattern at There was a pattern for a knitted uterus floating around a while ago, too (handing for teaching purposes or just weird art, depending on your perspective). Not sure if that was at knitty, too. hmmm..

(why do I think a knitted uterus might get you trying knitting again?)

I can’t imagine demonstrating on a knitted breast, but it’s got to be a little more comfortable than a lactation specialist “helping” you.