Next night

Andrea seems to be recovering well. Of course, I’ve never seen anyone recover from this operation before. The last time she was in she shared a room with another woman who was recouperating from one. That’s not alot to go on. We’ll have to see how things are tomorrow. Whenever she does come home, she will require TLC for a while.

Hopefully, she will be able to sleep tonight without pain medication. They had only given her 2 or 3 doses today. Tonight she was quite coherent and fresh from a shower in new hospital garb. She even asked about the internet. She has movie channels on the TV (my health insurance covers it). And she’s alone in a semi-private room.

She asked me to bring her a Tim Horton’s hot chocolate tomorrow. 🙂

Next morning

I left this morning before anyone else was out of bed. Don’t take that to mean terribly early. While she still has alot of recuperating to do, Andrea is much better today. They are not giving her demeral (I have no idea how to spell it, so I spelled it like it sounds) anymore. She was up and made a trip to the little girl’s room while I was there. She had some of her breakfast.

A few times this morning she asked me if was there when such and such happened. I guess I didn’t miss any of the hilights of the day. We will all be going over for another short visit this afternoon and I will be going over in the evening by myself. I’ll post again tonight.

PS. I’ve written down a list of everyone who has left comments which I am taking with me. We can blame the snoring on the drugs 😉

Good night

Per Andrea’s request, I took he girls to visit after supper. She was going through a tough spell, so we only stayed about 1/2 hour. Before leaving I did help her get in a more upright position and adjust the bed for her. After we left, we ran some errands. I dropped the girls off at home and went back to see Andrea alone.

She opened her eyes a couple times and knew I was there. When it looked as though she was quite asleep, I whispered my goodbyes in her ear. She gently snored back to me. I thought, “It will be ok to leave her now.”

PS. Thanks for the comments. I will pass them on. Both of us have really appreciated hearing from everyone.

Afternoon update

She is through the operation and still breathing. I spent about 2 1/2 hours with her this afternoon. They had given her some fairly strong pain medication and she mostly rested. The doctor was in shortly after I got there and he said things went well. During the last half of my visit she told me a couple times that she wasn’t feeling any pain, just a bit of ache.

I did get her to smile a few times. About 20 minutes before I left I explained what I planned to do for the visits for the rest of the day. About 5 minutes later she stirred and said, “I thought you were leaving.”

I said, “I’m waiting for you to go to sleep.” By the time I left, her breathing pattern suggested that she was most of the way there.

Noon update

Ok, so I’m a bit late. Andrea is probably in recovery. I called and she is still not in her room. I’ll be back before supper and have more news.

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