And on the up side

(I forgot to mention this)

Addison made the Dean’s list *again* with an average of 83.

Not saying this to brag, just letting the general public know that homeschoolers – and self-educating ones at that – do just fine out in the “real world”.

Oh, and when he and Kaytlyn were here last, Ron had two *TWO* people to talk intensive programming techniques with.

4 replies on “And on the up side”

  1. man, I shouldn’t have gotten Sarah to tell you. It’s just midterm marks, and 85 is deans list. so basically if I do slightly better for the next 4 weeks I’ll get it again

  2. Go Addison!!!

    On the topic of over-achieving homeschoolers, a HS’ed friend here has just been accepted into West Point! (that’s the US Military Academy for you Canadians) Pretty good coup for us boat-rocking, buck-the-system types!

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