I think the end is near

I took a walk. To the post office. And my tummy just growled, so I have an appetite for a change (not that the lack of one has stopped me from eating).

Anyway, I picked up some ATCs in trade (ooo! nice ones!), mailed some out (oops), and picked up some rubber stamps I bought off ebay. Winter cards are gonna be NICE this year, lemme tell ya.

Sunday dinner

Sunday dinner was so beautiful, I had two plates. And dessert.

There’s a handful of Flickr pics up too. Not much else to report, just tiny incidental things. My brain is coming back sometimes, which is nice. We get together just like old times. I even wrote notes for future blog posts / articles.

So I’ve covered food, how I’m doing, and no new news. The only thing left is Emma. 😀 She has discovered subtraction and we were discussing it in bed the other night.

Me, thinking up another example: “So we had six people live in our house and one moved out. How many are left?”

Emma, counting on fingers: “Well, we have Mommy, Addison, Kaytlyn…”

Me: “Why are you counting Kaytlyn? She never lived here.”

Emma: “What? She’s a good person…”

This morning? Not quite so tired.

Ah, sleep. And in my own bed, with my husband. It’s the little things, people.

Today’s plans are laundry, cleaning out the fridge and cupboards, groceries and Sunday dinner at Mom’s house. I know Sunday dinner in who knows how long. Don’t worry, I won’t exert myself – this is about all I can handle, and sadly, I know it.

Baby steps. I expect the next 2 weeks to show marked improvement, with lingering fatigue.

I have a butt-load of new pics too. Still have to upload, tag and categorize though.

I am *so* tired

but I kinda feel better. Just really, really tired.

(of course, another 4 hours in the car will do that to a person.)

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Domain name angst

I really hate how so many domains with popular keywords are taken up by “false” sites. You know the ones – they look like they might be legit, but they are chock full of google ads and no real information.

And in the case of homeschooling, I think there are more domains taken for this purpose than there are for legitimate helpful reasons. It burns my behind. As a side note, I think this is how places like goDaddy make their money (even if that’s where I get our domain names). A domain expires, and it reverts back to them and gets auto-plastered with ads (so they make money while it sits there) plus it goes up for auction or sale with insanely stupid prices on it. In the case of homeschooling again, they start at $400 and up – just for the domain at auction or sale.

Makes me wish I had time and money to place a bundle on backorder – that’s only $20 each, if it works.

(Again, a domain that hasn’t been used is usually under $10.)

oh, and if you want to really scare yourself, look at up-for-auction domains names including the word “blog”. Oy.