Nestle to buy U.S. baby-food giant Gerber

Story here.

ARGH. Must they buy up everything in sight? Makes me glad I rarely bought baby fod.

You don’t need to buy canned jars of pureed food, you know. Making your own baby food is just like cooking dinner. Oh wait, that’s just what we did! And then you take a wee bit of the food you have, mush it up and feed it to the baby, or let them feed themselves.

Or you can Google it. Here’s a great article on when to start solids. It’s later than you think. We started solids with Meaghan when she stole food off her father’s plate and mushed that potato right in her mouth. Same with Emma.

If you didn’t know, our family boycotts Nestle. Why? Because they hand out free tins of formula in third world countries where a large percentage of women do not have access to clean water and they can’t afford to buy the formula anyway. So they thin it with the not-clean water, feed it to their babies because they’ve been told it’s just as good or better than their own breastmilk, or they need it to save their baby’s life, and by the time they’ve used up the tin, their supply has gone down and baby – already in a tenuous position – goes hungrier. That’s why. This has happened in situations of disasters, natural and man-made, as part of rescue efforts. I do actually know someone who has been to Africa and has seen it firsthand.

You can read up on the boycott here: wiki entry and the official site here.

But don’t just take my word for it and the word of people who have been fighting Nestle for twenty years, you can go look up what the big bad company has to say for themselves. Oh wait, I mean what their *lawyers* have them say.

I always made baby food too. I did the ice cube tray thing. I really liked the way the carrots, peas, etc. all looked when frozen, it was purty;)

I guess with the next one we’ll have to puree our own (Shhhhh, it’s still a secret!). I did that most of the time with my own — it’s just cheaper! I have a little chopper and I’d throw whatever we were eating in there.

I did about half and half with Hayley, but Breanna just hated every type of baby food we gave her. She wasn’t impressed at all by the smooth texture so she pretty much ate smooshed table food from the start. At Christmas I got an immersion blender and that made life easy because I just threw whatever vegetables we were having into a bowl and used the blender to chop it up.

I have a hard time with the boycott because there are so many Nestle products that I really love (translation – all their chocolate) but I should seriously try again because it disgusts me that they leave women and children in such a perilous state in third world countries again.

we boycott too, it’s one of the first names my children learn to recognise in the supermarket 🙂

First time around I did jars of food – we get brands like organix and so on. But then again I was working and commuting and the whole batch cooking thing didn’t fit into my mindset or lifestyle. Second time around Small got ice cube tray foods and late at that – he just didn’t seem bothered by the food thing at all. Funny how three years can change you!