Hi from the library

Just checking in here. 🙂 We have Country cable at the house (3 fuzzy channels) and the satellite tv guys are coming sometime Thursday. Weère still working on internet – seems some companies don;t want our business bad enough to return phone calls. Sheesh. (Weève got exactly 4 choices for internet here – yes including satellite and wireless.)
Stuff is being slowly unpacked. Weère finding a few more interesting handyman work that was previously done to the house, and oh yeah will there be pictures.

Odd characters are due to the multi-lingual keyboard at the Florenceville library, where they all know Emmaès name. 😀

The weather here is GORGEOUS. Warm, sunny, huge blue skies – fields that turned green in two days, covering up the pattern lines in the dirt.

HSJ is back

What a rough day. At least homeschooljournal.net is back, and on a server we run, as opposed to one we share with 50 other accounts. (Like the one this blog is on – but not for long.)

I can’t wait to go home.

Yes, the red house is *home*. We packed the USB cord somewhere or I’d show you the pics.

Thursday Update

The actual move part went well. The new house is great, the neighbours came over with an official welcome and warn cinnamon buns.

I’ve tried not to worry about things, but I have anyway, kicking myself. Of *course* hindsight is 20/20, but sometimes Stuff Happens. All your comments make me all teary-eyed. 🙂

Fridat night we’ll be going back to our old house and start working on things again. We uncancelled the internet there at the last moment. We also forgot stuff, and I haven’t been able to find my can opener. 😀 I just got my kitchen unpacked this morning. boxes are everywhere.

i am taking notes about the fun stuff, lest I forget. It’s a good reminder, too. Anyone who ever wonders about how much I can take – well, this is pretty much my limit.

(I am relieved over the nice comments though. )

I’m at my aunt;s right now but only for a short time. Also, I forgot to mention the other day that we still had a 3-4 hour drive ahead of us.

I’m ina relatively good mood though. Sitting on my back porch, feet up, tea in hand, watching the sunset over the lake and not hearing any traffic has made it just about worth it. 😀


Well, most of the downstairs is empty, the big furniture and appliances mostly packed.

HSJ is backed up, new space is purchased and I’m waiting for the account creation. It’s on a Virtual Private Server, so it takes a little more to set up. If you coudl pass the word on your non-HSJ hosted blogs, that’d be great. (I am so, SO SORRY!)

Sarah also snagged a photo of the movers and my washer going down the street, one guy riding the dolly on the back, so it hasn’t all been bad. 😀

Fun times! Not.

Movers are coming, house is packed and the computer is being unhooked. The bigggest issue we have is no phone or internet on the other end and it could be as long as two weeks.

The up side is I have a cell phone, Ron has email at work, and I can check-in online from either the libraries or my aunt’s house.

I had all the above set to post later this morning, except when Ron and I got up extra-early, and I sat down to just do a last check on things, I discovered homeschooljournal.net was down entirely.

I poked around and contact our web hosts. They’ve suspended it for violation of their Terms of Service, as free blog hosting is not allowed. Funny, that wasn’t there when we combed through the TOS before setting up the site. They do note in their TOS they can change them at any time without notice, and we believe that’s what they’ve done.

While Ron directs the movers (I think I hear them in the driveway now), I am going to sit here and backup and move the entire site to a new host to get it online again.

All I can say is Thank God Ron has the day off, because if I had to handle both things all by myself, I’d be even more of a basket case.

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