Sunday, May 13, 2007 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

I got up in the quiet mid-morning and snuck downstairs. I wasn’t even halfway through my morning routine and not even at the computer yet when Emma came downstairs.

“Can I give you your Mother’s Day present NOW?” Poor thing has asked me that every day since last Tuesday, when she bought it. It was a nice bag of assorted foot pampering items, all pink, and new comfy slippers, with a nice grapefruit-spearmint smell.

Ron says it took some work for it not to be candy.

By the time Daddy got up, Emma was pulling on his arm insisting he go get me a present from him. We both pointed out the window to where my other presents were hanging.

Mother's Day present
She said, “Oh.”

These were purchased yesterday, and for second Emma’s face had a look of unfairness, until we explained the flower store wasn’t open today. We’re hanging them up at the red house.

And yesterday was a busy day – we went to the grocery store, the post office, the hardware store for one of every paint chip, fed my mom’s cats because I’m a good daughter darn it (I sent Ron in), and then Ron and I had some alone time as we cruised the back of the mall looking in dumpsters and begging at big department and grocery stores for boxes. We got to go in the back loading area of the liquor store, too.

After all that, we went through Timmy’s drive through because Ron knows how to show a gal a good time.

Meaghan’s gift is helping me clean and lot and doing extra without complaint or dragging heels (seriously, BEST. EVER.), Sarah left her gift back at the apartment, and my son better call me soon if he knows what’s good for him.

I also have to finish my mom’s present. I’ll take pictures too. Ron has to go feed their cats one more time, and we’ll probably see them later today.

I’ve been pampered a lot, lately, for which I am grateful. Now I just want to get things done already. And Ron says he just bought me a house, so he’s good for a while. Next up is Father’s Day – how am I to top that?


  1. One of every paint chip – seems like you were just doing that!

    How to top the house for Mother’s Day – power tools to work on said house 🙂

  2. I would have thought you bought him a house, too. No?

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Andrea!

  4. I called! woohoo.
    Happy Mother’s Day once again Mom.

  5. Wish I was done with these boxes, I’d give ’em to ya hands down!

    if you call ahead, grocery stores will save boxes. At least in Woodstock Sobeys delivery days are Mon, Wed and Friday.

    Now why am I telling you this? I need those boxes! LOL

  6. McDonalds’s is a great resource for endless boxes… ask them for Frie boxes, they support up to 60lbs, are a nice size to fill ( not too heavy even full of books) and are exactly shoulder width for lifting… also they are free, and they often have 8-10 a day at a busy McD’s…. other fast food places are likely to have similar size boxes.

  7. Happy belated mother’s day to you and your mom!

  8. Your MD dinner sounds an awful lot like my honeymoon dinner. These guys, with their good times! 🙂 Don’tcha just love ’em???