Thursday Update

The actual move part went well. The new house is great, the neighbours came over with an official welcome and warn cinnamon buns.

I’ve tried not to worry about things, but I have anyway, kicking myself. Of *course* hindsight is 20/20, but sometimes Stuff Happens. All your comments make me all teary-eyed. 🙂

Fridat night we’ll be going back to our old house and start working on things again. We uncancelled the internet there at the last moment. We also forgot stuff, and I haven’t been able to find my can opener. 😀 I just got my kitchen unpacked this morning. boxes are everywhere.

i am taking notes about the fun stuff, lest I forget. It’s a good reminder, too. Anyone who ever wonders about how much I can take – well, this is pretty much my limit.

(I am relieved over the nice comments though. )

I’m at my aunt;s right now but only for a short time. Also, I forgot to mention the other day that we still had a 3-4 hour drive ahead of us.

I’m ina relatively good mood though. Sitting on my back porch, feet up, tea in hand, watching the sunset over the lake and not hearing any traffic has made it just about worth it. 😀

I keep wanting to go edit the post with stuff I forgot. At the new house, we can’t get any internet until the end of the month – that’s why we’re rushing back to the old house. Our new house is in an area with NO HIGH SPEED.

The entire site takes up over 700 MEGS of files, and a 25+ MEG (or something like that, I can’t remember) database. Uploading that is going to take a while too.

So just some technical details for the quiet-but-no-doubt-curious. We were supposed to move the site a few months ago, but that was when I had those past two surgeries as well.

The tea on the back porch with a lakeview and no traffic part sounds divine though. Makes the agony of moving all worth it in the end. I return to Miramichi tho and you move out! Gives me a complex 😉 Kidding . . . sorta, lol. Of course, we’ll keep in touch in blogland.

I’ve lived in an area of “no high speed” forever. Our phone lines are so ancient that on a good day, we’re running about 24K baud when we’re reduced to dial up – which is anytime the power is out, it’s cloudy, or when the trees start getting leaves on them. No lie. But, there is this new fangled thing called satellite. We gots us some of dat. I say “some” because it works about 60% of the time. It’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick though. I’m pretty sure they have satellites everywhere. Even in the far frozen north.

The new place sounds great. The work to get it in shape sounds exhausting! We moved 5 months ago and I am still emtying boxes.
We also live in the land of slow. We ended up getting satellite and it isn’t as good as cable or DSL, but it beats the heck out of dial-up. I think I would rather have my toenails pulled off over going back to dial-up.
Well…not really…but you know.
Take care of yourself and don’t sweat the website stuff. I am getting so much done around here with this blogging break!

I don’t want you to worry one bit! My house is much cleaner this week than it would’ve been if I could’ve posted. 😉 You just take things easy – you don’t want to make yourself sick. I sent an e-mail explaining things to everyone that I could (depending on whose e-mail addys I had) and other than that, I figure they’ll be back when I am.

Enjoy the iced tea!

Hang in there and don’t worry about us. We totally understand…I am actually laughing about the timing of this actually…could they have picked a worse time?

Really though, I have only been going through a small bit of withdrawal…the funny thing is that I had not had much time to post lately, but now that I *can’t* post, I have tons of things I want to post!

Ah well. Hope that you are enjoying the new place. Looking forward to seeing pictures!

Just some *hugs* – glad the move went well! Hope you’re not overdoing it 😉 Save a seat on that back porch for me!

You are made of wonderful, you know…worrying about the site in the midst of your move! That can wait. Kick back and relax when you can get away from the boxes. It sounds heavenly where you are. I hope you’ll post pictures soon.

Good neighbors are so important!