Baby robin news and more

I totally didn’t have time to mention this last night, as I was getting my email issues fixed and packing for an early start this mroning, bu tthe baby robins are SO BIG!

spread those wings

The biggest one jumped or was pushed out of the nest in the afternoon. Emma said she heard the thump. We watched him flutter around the backyard around suppertime, and he found shelter in the meadow grass near us. There was a tense time when a neighburhood cat crawled across the field into view, but we hauled up a window right quickly and shooed him away.

Also, my neighbour came over to give me an armload of cut white peonies. We showed her the robins out the back window, and she wanted to know how we got anything done all day with them to watch.

The flwoers were so gorgeous, I took oodles of photos.

As always, click for bigger and to see way more.

Best lunch ever

We’re at the green house, where the strawberry patch is in full production. I had a bowl for lunch. Ron had a bowl, Meaghan had a bowl, I’m pretty sure Emma had some and I know my neighbour came down and picked a bunch to distribute to our elderly neighbours.

And then we picked three ice cream containers full.

I am not sure if we’ll have any left to take back home, but I know we’re transferring some of the plants to the new house.

Specifically, the new runners the plants sent out, because the original plants that are four years old are just about spent. We’ll only need about a dozen. We started with TWO, and we just let ’em grow.

Email is fixed

And boy howdy, am I ever happy. My inbox is filling up as we speak.

How it is so far…

Yesterday I got the car and hoped to visit my friend. Turns out she was busy (the nerve) and didn’t get home early enough for us to drop in while we were running around all over God’s half-acre. We triapsed up and down the area, both sides of the river.

Stopped in at all the little places that I always point out and Ron always drives by. 😀
toruist trap

We spent loads of time in there, looking at every little thing. It was crammed full of stuff. Emma gave the lady a hug, and she seemed to enjoy it in a very sad way. Said it was a long time since she’d been hugged.

Ema hugged the clerk at every single place we stopped at.

At the library, they tried really hard to get her to sign up for the summer reading club. The theme is dinosaurs, so I thought she’d jump right on that. Turns out she was aprehensive about the morning meeetings. She asked, “Can the kids eat breakfast first, before they go to the meeting?”. It was only after we clarified that it was late in the morning (10:30) and we not only didn’t have to go to meeting, we probably couldn’t get to most of them, that she agreed to sign up.

I haven’t told her yet that we have to all leave the house early tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s been watching too much Food Network.
Lemon garlic chicken

And in final news: I think, no I *know* my email is wonky. The only mail I’ve recieved in the past few days is comment notifies. If you sent me anything, I didn’t get it.

Too bad we don’t like lobster

Carol has a great post up about lobster fishing. Her kids got to go out on one of the boats. It’s a major way of life for some folks here in the Maritimes, including where we just moved from.

My friend Wendy grew up in a lobster fishing town in Nova Scotia. She had lobster a LOT as a child, and in those places, only the poor kids had lobster sandwiches for lunch.

Although I love living in the country, and I am still near water, I do miss the smell of the ocean.

Life in the country is good and slow

Sometimes my mom calls me up and asks, “What’s new? What’s exciting? Whatcha doin’? What did you do before I called? How’s Emma?” Yeah, pretty much all at once like that. Personally, I think she has an insane prediliction for 20 Questions AND she likes to annoy me, but I digress.

There really is not much going on. I mean, there are moments of good stories and pockets of funniness and good times, but usually I am too busy enjoying it, living it, to actually… you know… write about it.

But I think I can rewind and relate a few things.

Yesterday the road got paved.

I know! Stop the presses!

It was a Big Deal. I mean, traffic stopped and *everything*. They had done prep work for it last week, going down the road scraping off the shoulder and stirring up dust for miles. That day I got the car, so I had to drive through it. While we were off getting groceries, they went right by our place, but mostly got our neighbour’s side of the road. They were preparing for a party and had just swept and washed the driveway, the siding, the windows, their patio furniture, the lawn ornaments… Well, you get the idea.

Later, when I was on the neighbour’s porch for a spell (see how country I’m getting?) she and her husband related to me how she just about snapped and went after the road crew with a broom. I mean, she had just cleaned the place. They should know better.

So when the road crew slowly came around the bend yesterday, paving away, it was no wonder they chose to stand around at the end of my driveway instead. I kept a careful eye on them and had my camera. You know, just in case. I kept looking across the street too, but just Earl sat out on his porch and watched. Real careful, too, I might add.

The stretch of road in front of our houses got paved without incident.