Emma at the hardware store.

We went to the hardware store, because we needed silver polish and lamp parts. More on that later. 😉

Because it had been a somewhat warm sunny day, we had alreayd been to the lake. Emma and Meaghan had gone swimming, while Sarah and I watched and swatted bugs. As such, Emma was still in her bathing suit, so I told her before we left for the hardware store, she had to go get dressed.

She wound up in her new blue princess dress. Over her tropical-print bathing suit. And you could tell. In retrospect, I should have told her to get changed, not just dressed.

Also, she was wearing red crocs.

Now, I have to mention we have been making fun of crocs since they came out. Yes, I can see how comfortable they are and I am even considering getting my own pair for kicking around the yard in. It would look better than my pink house slippers, that’s for sure. Meaghan especially hates crocs and considers them an abomination when worn in public. Anywhere in public.

But Emma is having a bit of a shoe issue. One pair of sneakers is getting slightly too small, the new pair of sneakers are hard to get on, and the cute flip-flops like her sisters’ don’t feel good on the toes, are getting dirty and leave a trail of sequins behind. So Emma was looking for quick footwear to slip on while running out the door. She’d settled on her WINTER boots. You know, the purple ones with the fur around the top. They look exceptionally interesting when worn with shorts.

So really, I had no choice but to buy her the knock-off crocs in bright red for three whole dollars.

And thats how she wound up introducing herself to the staff of the local hardware store in her bathing suit, princess dress (hiked up so she wouldn’t trip) and bright red crocs.

Of *course* I forgot my camera.


– Would you wear crocs out in public? Do you own crocs? What color are they?
– Given the chance, would you wear a princess dress while shopping? A tiara?
– What about the kids? Do they dress unconventionally when you go out?

Feel free to leave extensive comments or answer in your own blog. I’m flexible that way. Pictures get you bonus points, and I know how much my readers love bonus points.

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  1. Alrighty, answers answers!

    No, I would never wear crocs in public. I do not own a pair. My opinion on the matter is basically identical to Meaghan’s. Ick. However, my cousin owns a pair, and she claims that they are, in fact, very comfy.

    I would TOTALLY wear a princess dress while shopping! Belle’s! Ohh, that would be so much fun.

    I have no offspring, but I would let them wear whatever they wanted out. My mother used to make me change clothes as a child if they didn’t match, so as not to be made fun of. But you know what? I think that children need to be allowed to express themselves. If they are ridiculed, and feel that it’s something they don’t like, they’ll find out for themselves and change clothes accordingly.

    …K I’m done.

  2. Would you wear crocs out in public? I already do, too comfortable not to.

    Do you own crocs? I own Crocs and Airwalks (Payless Shoe Source brand)

    What color are they? The Crocs are black, the Airwalks are blue

    Given the chance, would you wear a princess dress while shopping? No.

    A tiara? Um, no

    What about the kids? Emily would dress like a princess to go out in public. But you knew that right?

    Do they dress unconventionally when you go out? Not really, I make them change so they don’t embarrass me.

    Pics later!

  3. K – that last paragraph makes me happy. Did you see Emma’s tattered Belle dress? Today she’s Tinkerbell.

    Deej – I have red Airwalks, but you knew that, right? I would wear neutral colored crocs, although I was tempted by the yellow ones. I have almost worn a tiara while out and about, but that was because I forgot it was on my head and Sarah made me take it off.

    Also, I forgot to mention the staff at the hardware store thought she was the most adorable child they’d seen all day, even before she opend her mouth. And that probably included the kid that got there when we left. She was wearing a summer dress and cowboy boots.

  4. I don’t own crocs. They look like they’d be hot. They are made of plastic and I have some aversion to plastic footwear probably from my mother. But I don’t have a problem with other people wearing them. I tend to wonder whether folks are trying to hard to be trendy though. (I guess the $3 pair would be tempting for me.)

    No to the princess dress and tiara and Tigger has never done that either. I have had conversations about what matches (including explaining that a striped top doesn’t necessarily go with striped pants) and sometimes made her change but I also try to be flexible and let her work these things out. When I do object, I try to explain why, especially if I think it is inappropriate for the weather.

  5. Would you wear crocs out in public? I would. I have in the past. Though I prefer to keep them for my comfy house shoes, they are life saving when you have blisters or other injuries. Mega pain with any other shoe, painless in Crocs.

    Do you own crocs? I do. One pair of navy blue ones. I didn’t buy them though. I doubt I ever would have. They were given to me by a friend who had a couple of pairs and these ones weren’t the right size for her. I’ve had them for a couple of years. I wore them in Miramichi two summers ago when nobody else had them. I got stares . . . who knew they’d become so trendy?! If I didn’t have problem feet I may abandon my Crocs because of the trendy factor, but they’re seriously the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn.

    Given the chance, would you wear a princess dress while shopping? Absolutely!! Can I have a prince to go along with it? A royal carriage? A footman? That would be exciting.

    What about the kids? No kids, but I’d probably let them wear whatever they wanted as long as it was clean and presentable.

  6. Do you own crocs? What color are they? I got my Crocs because my feet hurt ALL the time, and it’s hard to find shoes that cushion just right. I figure if nurses wear them, they must be comfy. I think they’re horribly ugly. I have a hot pink pair I have never gotten the courage to wear out of the house (and frankly, I can rarely find both of them at the same time!) and a black mary-jane style that I love and have worn to casual things at church and errand-running.

    Given the chance, would you wear a princess dress while shopping?
    Probably not.

    A tiara? No, but I have worn a Burger King crown more than once.

    What about the kids? Absolutely, although the 8yo is getting more embarrassed by that sort of thing.

    Do they dress unconventionally when you go out? Absolutely! I figure they are only young once and as long as they’re modest they should wear what makes them happy. I do sometimes ask them to dress up for church, but our church is pretty laid back so I don’t require it. For VBS last night (waterpark themed no less), Pink Pixie wore black zippered boots with her shorts and t-shirt. They love to try what they call Hanna-Andersen style, which to them is as many different patterns as they can match color-wise at a time.

  7. It never occured to me not to wear them in public! Nor, really, to wonder whether they’re trendy. I guess they seem enough “below the radar” in our part of the world. A princess tiara and dress would certainly be another matter, though. For my kids, fine. For me… I guess it’s an issue not of whether it’s acceptable, but of me not wanting to call attention to myself. I don’t mind if attention is on the kids — I think they’re adorable and am happy to show them off. But beside that there’s a real innocence in them dressing this way. It’s the innocence in itself that makes it acceptable. Same thing with nudity. Hm, something to think on there.

    Anyway, crocs just seemed like a good idea to me the first time I ever saw them. Cheap (the knock-offs anyway,) comfortable, cheerful colors, they can be used equally well in summer and winter, and they’re washable. It is *so* hard to find comfortable kids shoes that don’t cost $80 a pair, and it is a chore to go looking for them. Crocs are just so easy to buy, and when you have four kids who are constantly growing out of shoes that is not a small thing. I bought mine because I wanted some garden shoes. I love them, although the dirt does tend to get in the holes when I’m digging. I do not like wearing them without socks when it’s warm out — they get slick. But then I just put on my flip-flops.

    There was a time when no respectable woman would dare to set foot out of the house without heels on, and flip-flops would have been unthinkable! Funny.

  8. ok, tell me where this lake is. We lost our lake a few years ago. They closed it to the public, allow only the jailbirds to use it. (yeah. true. whatever!) So. We’ve been lakeless and are now riverless. I NEED WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes I wear crocs as you saw last night. I love them. Anyone who doesn’t like my wearing them can suck it up (sorry sarah.. haha).

    Princesses are beautiful, why not allow them in public? 🙂 I still say Emma needed a Tiara and wand tho. I may buy her a set yet!

  9. The boys have wanted crocs since last summer, but we never seemed to run across any. Finally ordered them online last month and they live in them (in hindsight, should have gone with the knockoffs, but without having actually seen them in person I worried that they would not be as comfortable..plus we had the whole color issue to deal with….) Jason (10) had to have red and Kyle (7) choose black. I personally think that the dark/neutral colors look less clunky, but Jason’s red ones are growing on me. The boys really love them because they are so super easy to get on and off and super comfortable.

    Jason and I wear the same size (when did that happen!) so I have worn his a little bit. They are way too light for me…I need to have some substance to my shoes. Down here at the beach I have been living in my new Reef flip flops…they really are a cut above regular flip flops…these are solid and actually have arch support. Super comfortable. And even have a bottle opener in the bottom of the sole LOL!

    Niether of my boys would be caught dead in a tiara in public now, although Kyle did go through a phase where he loved to play Pretty Pretty Princess every time he went to a friends house. I think that I have a picture somewhere…

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