How we’re spending our Canada Day

Well, we spent a good fours hours of the day driving. ron had a big ol’ truck from U-Haul (we had the horse on the side– Hello Idahoans!), and I puttered along behind him in our car. Halfway home, Emma went and sat in the truck with Dad and Mom & Meaghan had such a quiet drive the rest of the way.

Emma had a great time in the big truck, especially when I reminded her of our online friend Rebecca whose Daddy drives a big truck. She thought it was way cool, and thinks R. is a very luck gal to go with her Daddy to work sometimes. (You know who you are. 😉 )

Most of what we moved over was the stuff outside the old house. Swing set, yard tools, stuff, more stuff, the garage which was really one of those temporary ones with the tarp over them, and – you guessed it – more stuff.

When we got back here, I took over a container of strawberries to our new neighbours here. Rosella asked me what on earth did we bring over this time, and was that all of it? She was shocked when I said no, we still have more stuff left over there. (Poor gal, she already thinks we have tons of stuff and said it’s a good thing we bought such a big house.) But we did bring about half the boxes left in the attic, and I think most of our books are now here. Except for whatever books were still in the attic.

Yeah. We have a ridiculous amount of stuff. I am thinking of blogging about some humours lists, especially Things We Never Need to buy Again. Because when an ADD gal from a pack rat family marries a guy from another pack rat kind of family, well… interesting things gets boxed up when moving households.

I have more tales to tell, including the ones I said I’d tell later and never got around to. Someone reminded me. 😉 Ron’s got some too, so I’d better wrap it up so he has a chance to use this later and let you all know about his new toy.