The story of our house – part 1

This time last year I was saying that it was too early to get our hearts set on any particular house, but you know what? Sometimes I say contradictory things out loud to try and talk myself out if it. I’d seen this house. I wanted it. There were all kinds of reasons right then why we couldn’t buy it. The biggest one was the price tag on it, compared to the condition it was likely in.

We looked at a lot of houses. We drove by this one a lot. We also discussed it to death. I held on to my last shred of hope. (It springs eternal in me, when I’m not being jaded and bitter.) Somewhere in there, maybe it was around the health crisis time, maybe it was the knowledge that Ron and I had spent 9 or 10 months apart and were running on steam alone, but we’d had enough. It seemed like we’d never get done and our energy and patience with everything was flagging.

Then we had a brainwave.

Since he had a new job with a good steady paycheck, we knew that the bank would say we could afford a pretty good house, had we none. The green house was bought cheap. Yes, we got a deal on it too. That meant, in a light-bulb moment, that we could get another cheap house.

Naturally, the just-reduced price tag on this here red house was still more than the wiggle room we could afford.

We continued to look at more houses, some in pretty sad shape. We got our sights set on a couple other houses, only to have them sold before we could get in to see them, or found out the small grainy pic and brief listing details were generous. I compared them all to the red house.

Ron looked at the red house at least a couple of times before we finally broke down and put in an offer. And this was after weeks of it being the main topic of conversation. The second time he’d walked through the house, he took a load of pictures and sent them to me, while we discussed them via chat. I broke down and cried at them. “We have to rescue this house,” I wrote. He tried to steel me against the possibility of rejection, and we sent in an official offer of around 25-30% lower than the asking price.

Then we waited.

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