Saturday, July 7, 2007 in Them kids o' mine

Well THAT was exciting

So there I was sitting at the computer last night, minding my own business playing the Sims, when a voice behind me said, Hey,”

It was Addison.
And Kaytlyn.
All dressed up. Like, him in a suit looking mighty handsome and her in a twirly skirt, nice blouse and her hair did.

Right after I said, “What are you guys doing here?” Emma said, “Hey! Look at the shiny rings on your fingers! Did you guys get MARRIED?”

Yep. 😀


  1. SURPRISE……I had the same sort of experience…..mine went like this….
    There I am behind the counter in the tearoom and I look up to see 3 people coming in. I say outloud…Oh, look, there is Jackie(Kaytlyn’s bestest friend), and there is Kaytlyn, hmm…and um, Addison…and um, Addison is wearing a suit(scratches head). Then in the same second I am saying all of this my little wheels in my head are spinning and I am, no one died….ooh my!! they got married!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Well, congratulations to everyone!

  3. I’m guessing congratulations are in order. Wow!

  4. Oh and did someone (oh please say yes) at least take pictures?????

  5. Someone did, but I haven’t got any yet! *hints*

    (Also, Lynn above is Kaytlyn’s mom – everyone say hi!)

  6. WOHOOO!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a lovely surprise!

  7. Hi Lynn!

    Wow, what a surprise!!!!! And what cool moms, neither of you are having a conniption that they did it on their own. I love that! My mom actually offered us money if we wanted to elope, lol.

    Congratulations Addison and Katylyn!

  8. Congratulations all around! I’m so happy for everyone!

  9. And how fun that Emma found out first among the Rennicks.

    Hooray for everyone!

  10. Hi Lynne. And congrats to A&K. I think that if folks are going to get married, this is a good way to go. Meaningful to them. Don’t make a big deal. Everyone happy.



  11. But what about presents?

  12. Just think of all the money they just saved for Katelyn’s family 🙂

  13. Just curious, are you going to have a party now?

  14. wow! congratulations!

  15. Congratulations!!! Were you completely caught off guard? It doesn’t seem like it would be a total surprise and shock.

  16. Nice to meet you, Lynn! And congratulations to all!

  17. wow! how exciting! congratulations to both of them!
    and Hi to Lynn, and congratulations to both of you too

  18. Wow – what a (great) shock! Congratulations to everyone!

  19. THAT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope my kids get married that way!

    but someone better take pictures, and they better find a way to let ME take lots of pictures at some point in time. ROFL

  20. Ummm. . . I kept waiting for the punchline. I didn’t think you were SERIOUS–until I saw Carol’s comment. *blush*

    My MIL and FIL were planning a wedding the following spring. On a bright July 3rd morning, he said, “Diane, we’re getting married today.” And they did!

    July is a wonderful time to start a new life together!