Sunday, September 2, 2007 in Uncategorized

We scored

Ron is on vacation! I can’t believe it. 🙂 It’s been since Christams that we didn’t have soem sort of plans for the weekend, mostly involving long drives and working on the house.

The girls and I took of not very early on Saturday morning to check out the Woodstock market and stop by a few yard sales. The makret was just… okay. It was pretty deserted as far as I was concerned. I asked one lady and she said that was normal. And they were out of farm eggs. I did score a lead on some homegrown chickens though.

I also stopped at another veggie stand becasue the horses caught my eye. A lovely family of Mennonites were selling their wears. The girls didn’t get out of the car, as I imagine there would have been a lot of mutal staring going on. I was served by the older daughter while a small boy in somber suit jacket and hat stared at me. I smiled and said hello. I cooked their carrots for supper and they were yummy.

Sarah and I were the ones who scored at most of the yard sales. Meaghan sat in the car and wrote. 🙂 Emma only got out at half of them and thankfully she didn’t find a load of junk.

At one sale, we did so well, I got halfway down the road and turned back to pick up the box full of 45 records from the seventies through early nineties, most in original picture slips. For FIVE dollars. When we counted them later, there were 208 45’s. The people having the sale were amazed that Sarah even knew what a record player was. 😉


  1. Killer deal on those 45’s!

  2. chickens huh. Good idea. Very good idea.

  3. @Christine: Maybe we’ll have a sock hop. 😉

    @JoVE: nothin’ tastes as good as a homegrown chicken. We can;t even buy it from the grocery store anymore because it looks and tastes so bad in comparison.

  4. where can I get some? (chickens, not 45’s! :D)