Tuesday, September 4, 2007 in food, how my children learn

Not back to school, but the grocery store

Sarah and I did the grocery run this morning, but by the time we finally got there it was just about lunch time. Normally this doesn’t even register on our rader very much, but today it did after we kept seeing kids and teens around. Then I realized the high school was just down the street and the grocery store has a deli that serves lunch. Doh.

We were both amused by the girls who all dressed alike (to express their individuality) and the majority of boys in a sort of uniform: black tshirt, baggy jeans, skateboard sneakers. I was convinced that the same 6 guys were walking back and forth.

Meanwhile, Sarah and I price-checked, compared unit values, budgeted, planned meals for the week and generally had a good time poking fun at others. 😀