Thursday, September 13, 2007 in Uncategorized

TV gremlins

You know, I pride myself a little on the technology skills I have. It extends past the computer to the audio/video equipment in the hosue, of which there is plenty. My mom even calls on occasion when she wants to watch one channel and tape another.
We moved four tvs with us. That’s right, 4. Oddly enough, for people who are into techy things, they are old, ranging from 20 to 10 years. We figured the oldest would still be able to function with our older game systems. (We’ll get back to you on how THAT is working out…) We also have two VCRs, two DVD players and one portable DVD player that got baptised with juice and will only play mp3 CDs, but i digress.

Last night, I set up one tv and a matching DVD player in our room, partly for Emma to settle down with, and mostly for those rare occasions where Ron and I would like to watch a movie. The both of us harldy ever watch tv. Ron hasn’t seen any yet this evening, and I watched maybe 15 minutes today. (I caught the end of a Laverne & Shirley episode. It was awesome.)

I set up everything for Emma and came back around a half-hour later. She mentioned the volume was too quiet, and she had the DVD remote volume turned all the way up. I tired the volume button on the front of the tv. No dice. I pressed harder.

The channel changed.

I tried the down button. That worked. I tried the up button again and got to surf through fuzzy channels once more. Down button? Okay, now I can’t hear anything.


The tv also has a remote. Somewhere.

I mean, it’s got to be somewhere in all these boxes, right?

I am a girl of simple tastes. I just want to RELAX, with my husband, in my room and watch a FREAKING MOVIE. With SOUND.



  1. One of our old tv’s had a light spot in it – everything looked kinda faded in that area. It finally got annoying enough that we bought a new tv and I stuck in in a garage sale real cheap. A lady wanted to buy it but tried it out first, and the spot was gone. I so much wanted to tell her never mind! but really, we barely watch enough tv to justify one tv.

  2. The one here is mostly backgroudn noise. The two younger girls have been watching discovery Kids though.

    Also, did your kids ever take a magnet to the front of the tv? that’s REAL fun. :-/