Wednesday, October 17, 2007 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

When not blogging, I have been…

– cooking
– planning what to cook (ie; standing front of the fridge wondering what now)
– eating (this explains the size of my butt too)
– procrastinating
– playing computer games (It amused Emma. That’s my story.)
– getting and staying warm
– researching wood stoves, pellet stoves and which one we should get
– discussing the idiot who works at the heating stove store
– driving all over a 50 mile radius looking at stoves
– grocery shopping
– shopping for groceries I forgot
– experimenting with making my own laundry soap
– spending excessive amounts of time smelling my clean laundry
– looking at the pile of clean laundry and saying I should really fold them
– working on a couple other websties
– bashing my head on the keyboard
– checking up on my friends
– checking their sites again to see if they updated and read new comments
– answering emails
– highlighting emails I forgot to answer (and are still waiting for me to be coherent)
– wishing I weren’t so tired
– trying to sleep
– passing a cold back and forth between family members
– waiting a month for laywers to sort out papers that will take a whole five mintues for us to sign
– figuring out why certain breakers keep tripping and knocking off half the plugs in one room and one plug in another room
– doing electrical work on the box with Ron
– kicking myself on drives because I forgot my camera again
– shopping
– driving
– waiting for the Internet to load pages on slow cloudy days
– spending 20 minutes with Ron at lunch time. Best part of the day.
– going to meetings
– sitting around talking
– going to bed early, getting up late. Eventually it started to help.
– playing catch-up
– writing entries in my head
– forgetting them as soon as I sit down

And you?


  1. bulleted lists are AWESOME

  2. Just stopping in amid my own whirlwind bulleted list to say “Hi!”

    And to tell you again how wonderful it is to click over to your blog from Bloglines and have it load right up and be able to comment. 🙂

  3. Not sure if you’re still in the decision making process….but we have a pellet stove in the basement and we LOVE it! It’s clean, easy to use and they tell us it’s better for the environment too.