The theory bears fruit. Smug fruit.

In some Addison news, in case you don’t read his blog, he got a couple of part-time jobs at the college. One as a tutor and one as tech support. He told me when he went to the office to apply for them (or some reason), he ran into the lady who does the homeschooling admissions. They got to talking, and she remembered his application. “Yeah, that guy was me!” He told her.

“What’s your average?” she fired back.

“85.” Sweet. She grinned. Then she related to him that she was thinking of homeschooling her own children.

Why yes, I am feeling rather smug about this at the moment.


For the backstory,  because this is spread out in the archives, Addison’s last few years of homeschooling were mostly interest-led and self-directed. That’s the scary unschooling word, folks. Plus he had a major accident and recuperation time, and then worked full-time for a year. When we applied for him to go to college, we talked to the lady mentioned above who is the one contact person for the entire province for alternative admissions in the the provicial community college system. I engaged in a dialogue with her before I even considered filling and sending an application form. We were able to prove to her satisfaction – without transcript or test results – that Addison was a smart guy and they should let him in. And they did. By the time we sent in the application with deposit, it was on her say so and pretty much a done deal.