Monday, November 5, 2007 in linky love

It's writing month!

So it’s nOvember – there’s NaNoWriMo so you can work on that novel you’ve always wanted to. This naturally lead to NaBloPoMo for excessive blog posts for the month. There’s even a .

For myself, I’m not actively joing any of them, I’m just trying to catch up daily and hack away at my to-do list. This may prove difficult, as this post has taken a couple three hours to put together.


  1. I wrote 400 words last night, woo hoo! I’m not on Nanowrimo since my theoretical book is non-fiction, but I am trying to be inspired to make some progess this month.

  2. The bad thing about NaBloPoMo is trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs!

  3. I know…the list is suffering over here due to nanowrimo. I just wish the blog one was another month so I could do both.

    Anoif is doing the young writers one, so is Christine’s daughter and they both seem to have put their lists on suspension in order to write like wildfire. It is awesome. Wish my list could wait….