Pics up

I think I’m glad it’s over

I wasn’t much into Christmas this year. Too much going on, too many stresses I think. I spent some time today taking down all the decorations. The only thing left is the tree in the living room. And this time, I have repacked items a lot better and wound up with two empty cardboard boxes. Should be easier to find next year anyway.

I didn’t send out any cards at all. I’m sorry. I know some people look forward to the handmade cards I send, and I did have plenty of materials to work with. I didn’t have time, inclination or much holiday spirit. I mean, I hardly took any pictures.

Oh, don’t get me wrong – I did enjoy spending the holiday with my family, the kids, and seeing everyone eat (it’s how I show my love) .

But we’ve had tons of drama over trying to sell our house to frustrating buyers (mostly un-blogged), and I’ve been working my hiney off. .. working. I had a big client I did some consulting with and I earned us some money. I was running around the house doing everything I could, and while stressful, I somehow managed to loose three whole pounds on top of that.

Yes, even with holiday eating. 😀

I am looking forward to the new year. Not just to throw off the past year, which has mostly not been fun at all, but because there are new and exciting things coming up, some new directions to go in some details to finalize and projects to launch.

It can’t come soon enough – if only I can stay awake. 😀

If it was any faster, it would be barely readable

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I went for accuracy.

Edit: Dang, I pasted code in the wrong place. Sigh.

Merry Christmas baby

Well, another holiday is in the can. And let me tell you, we are not going to starve anytime soon. 😀 Presents were modest, and the best fun was had by people trying to stick to a low budget while still getting something to make the recipient smile, laugh, or just plain go “WUT?”

I didn’t have the chance to update earlier with a story of Emma’s Christmas shopping. She was browsing a mall kiosk of knick knacks and a confusing mush mash of goods, looking for something for her brother. She was entranced by the display of geode rocks, all sparkly and the clerk was smiling down upon her. Emma flipped the rock over, read the pricetag, yelled “FIVE DOLLARS?” and slammed it back on the table.

So ever since then, we’ve been yelling “FIVE DOLLARS?” at random intervals.

Santa made the rounds on Christmas Eve when people were going to bed. He read Emma a story, gave mommy new jammies and kissed her soundly in the hallway, much to teenage disgust.

Addison and Kaytlyn also brought up their Wii, so we’ve been playing that quite a bit as well.

I’m starting to feel like my grandmother though. In charge of the whole thing, ensuring people are fed, happy and have clean towels. Although I did notice most people have been waiting for me to get to the table before they start eating. 😀

And now for the partial presents list:
– K got A a DVD of the Historical minutes. We got him Steven Cobert’s book.
– I made K a tea cozy from pink unicorn and rainbow fabric
– Ron got FOUR Tim Horton’s gift cards, a marble run toy and some magnetics. Plus a temperature gun.
– Emma’s gifts were mostly licensed toys, some DVDs, and a model of a skeleton
– Meaghan got some Harry Potter stuff and enough paints to keep her busy for at least a year
– Sarah got an emo hoodie, about four guitar books/magazines and we bought her a silly winter hat
– I got a pile of crafty scrapbooking artsy stuff and a 3-pack of scissors, and two Sims expansion packs

The birthday girl

In discussing her birthday options, I asked Emma what kind of cake she wanted. “A rainbow cake,” she said. My mind wandered around thinking up designs I could do on a flat sheet cake and I wondered if I could get clear gel icing somewhere..

“No, Mommy, a rainbow cake like on ZOOM.”


And although it turned out rather cool, I hadn’t seen that episode and I never looked up the info until today, when the cake is pretty much decimated. If you hurry, you might get the last slice or two.

Ice the rainbow cake

I made the cake my own way, with what Emma said. She was pretty much dead-on with the directions, but I swirled a toothpick dipped in paste food coloring throughout the batter, instead of dividing it up and coloring it. For the icing, I let her pick the colors (all we had except brown) and I let her ice the cake too. It was great fun. Yes, everything was homemade, and I used our new bubble gum flavoring in both the batter and the icing. It is especially good in icing.

Her day had started with a present left in the kitchen, because she wanted to open something first thing in the morning, since she missed her daddy. He got her Where The Wild Things Are, which I found great because it was odd we didn’t actually own it already. “Oh, and it won a shiny gold award too!” she said, when looking at the cover. Reading it has already given her strength against the monsters that lurk in dark corners.

At lunchtime, where Daddy was amiss because of the weather, she opened her presents from Sarah and Meaghan.

Opening presents
A polly pocket set, complete with a BOY.

OPening presents
A Spongebob DVD from the latest season.

Best part?
I think it was more than just Emma who enjoyed things.

Later after supper, she opened the last present from Mom & Dad – Shrek 3. We all sat down to watch it over dinner, and paused it to bring out the rainbow cake compelte with candles ablaze.
Emma's 7th birthday cake

She said she had the best birthday ever, just like she said last year.

Hello seven.


Yay for birthdays and Flickr

Mmmm, birthday cake for breakfast. 🙂 Before I get to the entry itself (busy day, as always) here’s the link to look at all the pics I uploaded.

Emma was on the phone with my mother last night, and I heard he say “Just a minute” then she tilted the phone down and half covered it. She said to me, “Mam wants to know when will you post pictures on the blog so everyone else can see them?”

Funny kid.

There’s some bonus Christmas tree pics there too. Yes, I have two trees – one purely for looks because I am spoiled.