The long and short of it

Long hair. If you are the mother of daughters, you know what I mean. Hair has been a longtime issue here – the weeping and wailing, the gnashing of teeth, the tangles… oh the tangles.

Now, I am mostly a longtime short hair lover. Odd, huh? Considering all my girls have almost always had long hair. I had long hair once. Okay twice. There was that summer I was ten. I look at the pictures and think what great blonde waves they were. There were also Farrah bangs and huge 80’s eyeglasses, but we’ll overlook that.

I also grew my hair long as an adult. I stopped cutting it after Sarah was born and let it grow out. I’d get it trimmed every couple years or so, but it refused to grow past my shoulders and was so thick, the top layer held down the waves underneath. It also started morphing into a mousy brown. I hated brushing it, hated styling it even more.

I cut it short again after my grandmother died. Seemed a good time.

This brings me to the other day, even though it’s not about my hair. I’ve always let the girl’s hair grow long and straight and trimmed it myself. Every so often they’d go to a salon for something different, but mostly I trimmed it. Until the two older girls were teens, now I don’t touch their hair. 🙂 And neither of them really do too much styling with their hair either.

Emma’s hair has always been an issue. So fine, so blonde and SO prone to tangles. I swear we brush her hair. It looks like we didn’t roughly 20 minutes after we do. It also takes 30 minutes of screaming to get it done, which is why we all get reluctant to do it. Yes, we have taken turns. That’s just for brushing it. Barrettes, clips, and ponytails are mostly out of the question. Besides, her hair is so thin and fine, it falls out in … you guessed it… twenty mintues.

So after a week of pleading, cajoling, lectures, reminders and who knows what else we said, Dad finally laid down the law in a little chat.

“If you don’t get your hair brushed, then we’re going to have to cut it.” This is the bottom line. It has been meeted out before. They all know if Dad says it, it will happen.

Emma’s response?

“I always wanted short hair!” 😀

Our collective jaws indeed hit the floor. The next day, after we confirmed she was still gung-ho about it, I cut her hair into a chin-length bob. It had been down to the middle of her back and went below her waist when she tipped her head up. I now have a hank of what I removed waiting in an envelope.

Two new things

She’s happy and looks adorable, and I’m happy it’s easier to brush. Win/win all around.

Oh, it looks cute! Andrea, we had the same exact rouble here for years. The knots. The tears. The constant changing of conditioner in hopes to find one that didn’t leave a snarl of knots. Except my daughter refuses to cut hers short and she’s now old enough to deal with it herself at last.
Whew. It must be something about fine hair.

more fine blonde hair here – had some success with some of the spray in conditioners, but only the ludicrously expensive ones. Big has shoulder length locks for very similar reasons.

Allison and I both have very fine, straight hair. Jessica’s was thicker and coarser than Allison’s and never had as much trouble with tangles. Frizz Eaze is the only thing we’ve found that works well.

Mine is grown out now, a few inches past my shoulders, and I hate it. And it is tangly too. Sometimes when I’m fixing it I daydream about hacking off big chunks, so I know I better get it cut before I take the scissors to it!

add big huge curls to the story and you have my #3. When we are going out, I tell her to brush her hair. She “gets the tangles out” (which saves us from fighting and yelling) and then I “finish it up.” I wait to do the hair until right before we walk out the door. We brush, put on shoes and walk out to the car. Darned if when we get to the car, I don’t look at her and think “crap, we forgot to brush her hair!” Now, we add the craziness of static into the mix and oh my! #2’s hair is just thick enough that we could go days without brushing and no one would ever know. It just lays there all pretty and straight and untangled.

Congrats on the new cut. It looks beautiful!

the only way she would have enjoyed it more was if she got to go to a salon.

Glad to hear that we are not the only ones to suffer from this problem. There are mornings when I swear if someone was to come near the house, they would certainly arrest me for child abuse…based on the screams. Congrats on getting a solution! Now if only my girls would agree to that. 🙂

As a follow-up, she can do her own hair without issues and it takes me about a minute to brush it now. Whew.

Oh, the weeping and wailing of tangles!!! I’m about to do this to Pixie’s hair — she gave it to Locks of Love last March and it’s already halfway down her back again. Jasmine, on the other hand, has hair that will not grow and it STILL tangles, even short. Sigh. We use a lot of tangle spray. (cheap version — a couple of tablespoons of conditioner shaken up in a spray bottle of water)