How to have a happy home

This time last year, we bought this house. See how sad it was?

my new house in winter

All cold and empty and neglected. 🙁 Poor house. So we bought it – rescued it really, loving it and now fixing it up. Admittedly, we haven’t got very far yet and there’s still boxes everywhere. But look at it now.

Huddled house

Doesn’t it look happer? I mean, even despite the better lighting and the still-falling-apart-ness.

I love you house. It’s okay, we’ll have you all better as soon as we can. Starting when the mountain of snow melts. (We’ve made lists. Lots of them.)


Behold, a new freezer

I took the suggestion from Heidi in the comments and did indeed pull a two-in-one shot. First, my hair. GAH. Maybe we’ll move on. At least we cannot see the grey. We shan’t speak of it either, ‘kay?

Allrighty then. LOOKIT MY NEW FREEZER. Isn’t it shiny and white? And so, so empty. Actually, I noticed there was a block of shortening in there getting very cold. You know what that means? Pies. Meaghan pies.

Y’all should be way jealous.

Grocery day is on Thursday. Methinks this is gonna hurt a bit.

Coming up: I extoll the virtues of my new dryer. It is even more awesome and fabulous than the freezer. Seriously, I have to stop typing now and post or I’m just going to go on and on about it.


I am SO excited. Probably more than I should be.

The new things are coming today. We get a bedframe! And a new dryer! (OMG, it’s *huge* inside!) And a chest freeze! Then we can FILL IT with yummy goodness! And Sarah gets a box spring!

YAY! (insert Kermit arm flail here.)

When she asked about delivery, and what time, all I said was not before 10am, and she said they’d call first. There’s no call yet. I bet they’ll make me wait until the afternoon. I even cleaned. Yeah, it’s that serious. (Okay, technically I am in the middle of cleaning up some limited areas, but still. Go with me on this.)

Should I be this excited about new appliances? Please tell me you are as freaky as me. It’s okay, it’ll be between us.

Want pics? I should post pics, shouldn’t I?

Oh man, I have it bad.

I have to go watch out the window now. You know, in case they got tied up and forgot to call and just come lumbering down the road.

RD article

For those outside Canada, here’s a scan Mom & Carl did for you. Enjoy!


See huge original (and readable) size here. I would have posted this earlier, but my connection crapped out on me and I had a meeting. (To which I was a minute late, but one guy said it was okay, cuz I’m a celebrity.)

I need a haircut

I haven’t had a haircut in 10 months. It’s grown out to 4″, with 6″ on top. It’s driving me crazy. And all the blonde is gone.

Just thought you should know.

Meet Bobby

This is Bobby. Bobby came to live with us last weekend.

Meet Bobby

Bobby is a result of taking Emma (and the others) out for a wee bit of shopping, where we did not aim for the Dollar Store for a treat, but bumped it up a notch. This is what happens sometimes.

Now Bobby has made friends with Mr Bones and the Visible Woman. Sometimes I find Bobby and his parts in odd places, but mostly I’m just glad the CSI team has not stopped by.

Emma tells me that Visible woman and Mr Bones are an item, and in fact the parents of Bobby, but Bobby himself looks at us haughtily out of his one good eye, and Visible Woman already has a plastic fetus to take care of.

Yeah, I know. We ARE weird.