Wednesday, February 6, 2008 in country living

The pellet stove saga continues

Since it has been almost two weeks since our stove crapped out on us, Ron got on the phone again today. He started calling people from work around lunch time, and spent almost an hour on the phone here at home before he could finally talk to someone who knew what was going on.

The control board hasn’t even been shipped yet.

Why? They are waiting for a purchase order from the place we bought the stove from. This, despite the fact the item is not on the dealer or service company’s parts list; we have and freely gave out the part number for it in every phone conversation; we were and are willing to pay for the part AND for overnight shipping; Ron was told late on Friday January 25th by someone at the manufacturer’s head office that they would send it to us directly and we should have it the following Friday.

Now, the part number was verified the first time around when Ron initially called the number on the stove manual, only to be told they did not deal directly to consumers. The customer service rep gave him the number of their distributor which Ron immediately called. The distributor promised a return call because he needed to get a price for the board before he could ship one. After an hour and a half Ron called him back to find that he was still waiting on a price. The distributor referred Ron to a dealer and/or company that services the stoves. The third set of conversations went pretty much like the second. Finally, Ron called the franchise of the chain store where we purchased the stove. Having the backing of representing a huge block of consumers the chain’s customer service group was able to prompt the final call described in the previous paragraph.

And now we’re told they are waiting for a purchase order???

To top it off, the guy Ron spoke to today said, when told our stove model number, “It’s only 45000 BTUs, you can’t heat a house with that!” (This despite the fact that we obviously had through the coldest weather of the winter. Although we didn’t run the stove on highest setting, the electricity to create 45000 BTUs 24×7 is in the range of $1000/month. That’s what it would be if we were using electricity to generate that amount of heat.)
This is from the guy who works at a pellet manufacturing plant. Seriously. Way to sell your product.

Is anyone else as dumbfounded as we are???

Update: it’s been verified they were sent the required PO two weeks ago.



  1. That just plain sucks. You’d think that in the middle of this very cold winter, they would be a wee bit more concerned with seeing that you don’t freeze to death.

    What was the name of that pellet stove company so that no one else goes and buys their products??