Tuesday, February 26, 2008 in I'm a computer geek, linky love

The $5 theme club giveaway!

For the WordPress users in my audience, I have an interesting giveaway today. Small Potatoes is a great theme designer who recently started a paid theme club. Over the next year, he will release at least one new theme a month to club members. His themes are good. Really good – both in design and coding.

The best part? The theme club is only FIVE BUCKS.

Even better?

There’s a giveaway contest! But hold your clicks, you don’t have to go anywhere – I have FIFTY – that’s right, 50 – free memberships to give away. Leave me a comment saying how much you love new themes, and I’ll send you the details. Isn’t this awesome? Tell all your friends and link to me if you can to help get to word out.

And if he ever gets to this end of Canada, SP is already invited to stop in so I can feed him. Poor boy is too skinny, working so hard.

Note: if your blog is hosted at WordPress.COM, you can’t upload your own themes there. not even with a paid upgrade. You need a self-hosted version of WordPress to install more themes.


  1. I DO love Small Potatoes. I really liked the swirly (looks like lollipops) theme he has! I thought his $5 theme club was a great idea and even had it noted in my scribbles. So often when I’m looking for themes I’ll end up with club/professional themes which mean $$$. (Though I suppose that could mean I have a great eye for style? design? – or perhaps I’ve a healthy appreciation for others hardwork! LOLOL)

  2. Pick me! Pick me! My resident computer geek has too many things to do and I would love a new theme. Or two.

  3. Meep! I love themes! You know this. I’d make my own but I’ve forgotten how to CSS. (Fail! Epic fail!) Themes! Yay!

  4. I’m always on the lookout for great new themes and switch them out about once every 3-4 months on my main blog. I have three other WP sites that get changed less often, but are all due for a change. I have that theme club bookmarked because it definitely sounded interesting.

  5. oh how I love Small Potatoes. I use his Greed theme for my website, because it is the only free theme I have found that allows me to use my own image, doesn’t go all wonky when I make changes, and actually looks good! I would love to spend money to have someone actually make my site more user friendly, but I don’t have any money! So sign me up please and thank you!

  6. Me me! I love new themes! I’m kind of a theme windowshopping junkie, as a matter of fact… (I’m linking to this giveaway in my next Linksational post, and I’ve added it to the sidebar at Momsational too :)

  7. I love WP themes and I’ve been itching to learn more about creating my own. Small Potatoes does good work and I would love the chance to learn from his work!

  8. Oh, I should probably note that anyone blogging on homeschooljournal will get the theme too, because I can install them there. :D

  9. As a new blogger, I am always looking for themes as they help me refine what I like and don’t like.

  10. I’m just starting out with my own WordPress blog this will be a great help. THANK YOU!!!!!

  11. New themes are like new furniture for my house. $5 to redecorate is a great deal, but free is even better!

  12. Ooo. I am a theme lover, especially quality themes. It’s time for me to do a site redesign anyway. I’d love a membership.

  13. Love me some themes! My blog is fixing for a makeover, so the timing is perfect.
    thank you so much.

  14. I think I’m pretty much addicted to new themes, so yeah, would LOVE this.

  15. I have been contemplating a move to wordpress over the last week and this would probably do it for me! I am so tired of typepad. I’ve heard nothing but good things about WordPress and the theme possibilities. If I am picked, I’d put to good use that free theme! :)

  16. Small Potatoes. I LIVE in the land of potatoes. I even used to harvest potatoes. It was meant to be.

  17. Love SP’s work. I am new to wordpress and am still looking for the theme of my dreams. I switch twice a week. Thanks for the offer.

  18. I’m a sucker for a giveaway! I’d love one.

  19. I need a new theme. I keep saying I’m going to go hunting for one. This would save me time!

  20. I REALLY love new themes!

  21. I love themes! I just need to learn how to use them!

  22. Dude, I’m all about cool stuff, especially free cool stuff! And I’m thinking I need a new theme to celebrate surviving February. :)

  23. Wow, free themes! What’s not to love? :)

  24. I’d LOVE a new theme and if it’s free maybe my hubby would be more willing to change it for me! ;-)

  25. I like new themes, especially good themes, especially free good themes. So… you can pass them on to me. I will be updating soon since I am on the job market and right now my pic is a little risque, but I’m not sure what I would go with instead. But I need something.

    So, not to beg or anything, pick me, pick me, please.

  26. I do love his themes and have actually been considering joining the theme club. I have several WordPress sites and would love some good themes to use. Free makes it even more interesting!

  27. I could be addicted to themes. You know I’m new at this.

    I host my own site so that requirement is met.

    I’d be good for publicity.

    I’ve had a really awful day and I need something nice to happen.

  28. I’m actually a fan of the wp-designer8 theme, For a text heavy blog with an ever ample sidebar something where the sidebar does extended is fantastic. The header image is also a win (the outcry when I got rid of mine wasn’t super pleasant). I like updating themes, and would do so maybe twice a year and probably more if I found a quality themes worth adapting to suit my blog. Structural design is so important when you start digging in the backend, plenty of disappointment for my amateur coding knowledge when I get back there and find a huge mess.

    I’d like one! :) well coded templates are the best….

  29. Being new to this whole wordpress thing and not finding a layout and theme I really love this is sooooo up my alley. I love his gossip themes! I am totally linking this to my blog tonight!!

  30. I love wp themes! I was just looking at my collection yesterday and weeded out a few I am no longer in love with. Thanks for the chance!

  31. wp themes, they are almost like shoes, never can have too many. These are some of my favorites. Thanks for the chance.

  32. Oh, does that mean we can get new themes?

    Send one my way!!!

  33. Ooooh! I love themes! I especially love well done free themes! ;)

  34. I love his stuff! Thanks for offering the memberships!

  35. I do love new themes, and I’ve been searchig for a decent one for a LONG time. I hope the Paid Theme Club has better ones than I’ve run across. :)

    I have my main blog on Blogger, but I’ve got one on WordPress, too. I’m just waiting to find the right WordPress theme before I make the move. Not that my blogger theme is all that. LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

  36. I can’t draw. I can’t code. And I can’t dance. But I likey free themes please :)


  37. I’d love one. I love themes. I love SP. I’ve learned a lot from him.

  38. I’d love a invite too! Kinda hooked on WordPress themes and always on the look for the perfect one. :)

  39. I’d love an invite! I desperately need a great theme. :)

  40. Pick me! Pick me! Never enough new themes :) Pretty to look at, fun to play with, what could be better?

  41. I am in desperate need of a new theme. I change my themes all the time looking for something that is just right. I just made the move to WordPress recently and have been scouring the net for themes.

  42. I am in need of a beautiful theme for my new breast cancer walk blog. Free is always a good thing when you are trying to RAISE money for a good cause. :)


    I may be excited. :)

  44. Me, me, me!!! Please!?!

  45. Oh, I’d love a new theme. I’m still using the plain vanilla theme that came set up.

  46. I LOVE new themes–I’m a theme-a-holic and can’t stop myself from compulsive theme switching :)

  47. I would LOVE an invite – I’m using one of the themes provided and it’s boring boring boring.